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How has imperialism affected the world?

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abolition of slave trade
colonization of Africa
division of the world among the imperialist power
exploitation and oppression of weak nation by strong nation
caused to rise of African resistance

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What affected India during imperialism?


Who was affected by imperialism?

Butter eaters.

How was technology affected in new imperialism?

technology = know how. what did new imperialism learn how to do?

Who and what affected the growth of imperialism in the US by the turn of the 20th century?

they came with the intention of returning to the Old World.

The period of time when European imperialism greatly affected the continent of Africa is?

Imperialism in Africa.

Was Paraguay affected by imperialism?

yes- by Spain

What countries have been affected by imperialism?


What continent was most affected by imperialism?


What continent was least affected by imperialism?


How was Africa and west Asia affected by imperialism?

It was affected because it had not yet industrialized

How did imperialism changed the world economically and politically?

How did imperialism changed the world economically and politically?

What are some ways imperialism affected Africa?

Politcally, SOcially, & Economically.

How did imperialism set the stage for World War 2?

how did imperialism set the stage for both world wars?

How has imperialism affected the US economy?

Imperialism has greatly affected the US economy. The United States has provided a wide range of products and services to all other countries around the world. Through this type of business the US has introduced the concept of democracy to these other countries allowing the United States to lead in major industries of all sorts.

How did World War 2 contribute to the end of European imperialism?

World War 2 contributed to the end of imperialism.

What has the author Parker Thomas Moon written?

Parker Thomas Moon has written: 'Imperialism and world politics in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries' -- subject(s): Imperialism, World politics 'Imperialism and world politics'

What three regions were impacted by imperialism?

Imperialism basically impacted the entire world in some form or another, during the ages of imperialism in Europe, North America, South America, and Central America wereall the most impacted from around 1600 to 1800, later Asia and Australia were strongly affected. It all depends on the time period and which country.

How did imperialism affect Australia?

Imperialism affected Australia in various ways. There were many English criminals who were brought to Australia and the British forced Aussies to fight in many wars.

How did imperialism impact the world?


The period of time when European imperialism greatly affected the continent of Africa is called the?

"Scramble for Africa"

What were the religious goals of imperialism?

The primary religious goal of imperialism was to spread Christianity to the rest of the world.

How was Vietnam affected by 19th century imperialism?

Vietnam was a french and Japanese colony , that tried to gained independence .

How is modern Africa being affected by what happened long ago with the colonization of Africa and imperialism?

1,062 kilometers

Did the Atlantic Charter demonstrated American imperialism after World War 2?

No. The Atlantic Charter rejected imperialism.

What started World War 1 - Imperialism-Nationalism- Militarism or Expansionism?