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Q: How has martin Luther king Jr's dream been realized?
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Has Martin Luther king's speech been realized?


Has martin Luther king's dream been fulfilled?

sorry guys..... i dont noe the answer

How did martin Luther king jr accomplish his goal?

He had that famous speech i had a dream, if u did not know that i font no were uv been. seriously

What helped Martin Luther King jr succeed?

He never really SUCCEEDED. Martin Luther King wanted everyone to have equal rights yet most the population is still racist and cruel. Martin Luther King did help somewhat. Thanks to him no one is getting beatin for things they didn't do but Martin Luther's dream has not been fulfilled. But what helped was that people stood by him through all of this. Without them Martin Luther King wouldn't have gotten to where he had.

Where has Martin Luther King been?


Has Dr Kings dream been realized in the US today and do we still deal with issues of discrimination?

Some of his dream has been realized but not enough. Yes we still suffer from discromination.

How and to what extent has mlks dream been realized today?

People been treated diffrent

How long have we been celebrating Martin Luther King Day?

We have been celebrating Martin Luther King Day since January 20, 1986, so it's been 28 years.

How many speeches have been given by Martin Luther King?

martin Luther the king gave 2500 speeches At the statue of Abraham Lincoln in Washington

Why did Martin Luther King Jr write you have been to the Mountaintop?

Martin Luther King Jr wrote the speech I've been to the mountain top in order to address the Memphis Sanitation Strike. Martin Luther calls for economic actions, boycotts, unity, and nonviolent protest.

Is Martin Luther King Really Dead?

He's been dead.

Has martin Luther king's impact been good or bad?


How old is Martin Luther?

Martin Luther was born on November 10, 1483 and died on February 18, 1546. Martin Luther would have been 62 years old at the time of death or 531 years old today.

How old is Luther Martin?

Luther Martin was born on February 9, 1748 and died on July 8, 1826. Luther Martin would have been 78 years old at the time of death or 267 years old today.

Martin Luther King arrest history?

martin Luther ling has been arrest in trying to make history and trying to get the black and white to come to gather

Did Martin Luther get any award in the year of 1960?

Martin Luther had been dead for over 400 years in 1960. Awards are seldom that slow in coming.

Did Martin Luther King Jr want to die?

No, Dr. King would have wanted to live to see his dream of racial equality and an end to segregation and racism in the US realized. In 2008, the first African-American President was elected, forty years after Dr. King's assassination, it would have been a dream come true for him to see President Obama take office and residence in the Whitehouse.

What was the original title of Dr King's I have a dream speech?

The original title of Martin Luther King, Jr's speech on the Washington, DC Mall in 1963 was "The Negro and the American Dream". It has also been called "Normalcy, Never Again".

How long have people been celebrating Martin Luther King Day?

The first year Martin Luther King, Jr's birthday was celebrated as a national holiday was 1986. It has been celebrated for 28 years.

What are the names of Martin Luther King Jr's famous speeches?

Well some of his famous speeches would be: "I Have A Dream"; "I've Been To The Mountaintop";"A Knock At Midnight";"Why I Am Opposed To War In Vietnam".

Where is information about Martin Luther King Jr.?

There is a plethora of information about Martin Luther King, Jr. Many books and articles have been written about him, many of which are available at libraries.

When were Martin Luther's children born?

Martin Luther did not record their birth dates. I have not yet found any evidence that he did. I know this may not have been much help. I am sorry for that.

How did martin luther the monk die?

From what has sometimes been called an 'apoplectic' stroke.

What foreign figure Martin Luther King has been compared to?

Mahatma Gandhi

How many times had Martin Luther King Jr been arrested?