How has technology changed the way humans understand life?

Only focusing on the Internet is a mistake; besides, that technology only goes back to the 1990s, ignoring all the technologies that led up to that point. Also, just knowing how to use a browser to find information completely misses what it means to understand aspects of the world. Here are some examples of technological advancements that set the stage for all subsequent technologies:

Electricity - Without a basic understanding of how electricity works, we would not have had eventual developments for other inventions.

Radio waves - Without understanding this, we would not have had telegraph, radio, television, landline telephones... up to microwaves and cellphones.

Physics - Without this understanding, humans would not have space exploration, the moon landing, artificial satellites, Hubble Telescope, etc. We would still be guessing about planets, and still think ours is the only universe.

That's only 3 big areas.

It has changed the way humans understand life because when a person doesn't understand something, the first thing they do is search it up on the internet.