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How have gender roles changed within the family?

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Women used to do housework and childcare while the men were the breadwinners, now women are more indepependant and men help with housework,

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How have gender roles changed since the 1900s?

Well Gender Roles have changed by in the 1900's the woman started to vote and now in the 21st century they can vote and they have every right.

How Have Family Roles Changed Over The Years?

its about families that have changed over the years

What were the gender roles of the Mayan Indians?

What were the gender roles of Indians

Are there gender roles in Hinduism?

The presence of gender roles in Hinduism solely depend upon how traditional that particualr family is. A traditional Hindu family will see the father as the bread-winner and protector of the family, and the mother as the carer of the children and the housework. A more modern Hinde family will have abandoned these stereotypical, traditional roles and have the responsibilities shared evenly between the two parents.

Does australia have gender roles?

Nearly every place on earth has gender roles.

What is the difference between gender roles and sex roles?

gender roles are roles that can be performed boys and girls while sex roles can be performed because of being male and female

How have womens roles changed when males have been away from home such as during war or other long separations from the family?

women roles have changed because they cheat more now

What are the gender roles in France?

There are no gender roles because everyone, women and men, are treated equal.

King lear and Kite Runner themes?

King Lear: motif of feet, eggs, dogs deception in words, letters, appearance dynamics of family roles/breakdown of family roles the number three gender roles greed metonymy

What type of gender roles do they have in the Bahamas?

Swaggy roles

What is three roles in a family or relationship that should be the man's?

In our modern world, it would appear that it is sexist to define any gender specific roles, jobs or tasks.

What are the causes of gender inequalities in Tanzania?

Patriarch system, socialization, gender roles or triple roles, classes

Why gender roles in dance changed?

they dont unless you are a gay man who fails to ever take any masculine control with a woman.

What reflects the social conflict approach to the issue of gender roles?

Gender roles can result in unequal distribution of power

In Judaism what are the gender roles?

the roles of the men in women in the culture

What is gender fluidity?

That is basically when someone is not locked into gender roles.

How did family roles change during the great depression?

Family roles changed because everyone in the family had to try to make money to survive. The men had the most trouble finding work, so they became the head of the household.

What are the gender and family roles of Islam?

The gender roles in Islam tradition is expected according to the beliefs of the people define by their religion. A man in the traditional Islam family is the guardian over the woman or women. The woman is always to do as she is told by the men, and to never be without a man in public. There is a lack of rights woman have in the family. An example is, if a woman divorces her husband, she can not have custody of her children.

What is A major influence in the future on gender roles?

The views of young adults of that society has the greatest influence in the future of gender roles.

What changes in social organization did industrialization cause?

Social Organization changed gender roles, where people lived (move into cities), and income levels.

Is there a difference between gender roles and gender representation?

yes because gender role is way different to gender

What are the gender roles in Europe?

we do not have a clue

What are the gender roles of the shawnees?

hi how are you?

What are the Jewish gender roles?

the man

How does the mass media influence gender roles in contemporary American society?

It reinforces gender roles considered appropriate for one's sex.

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