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How have the lives of women been changed by work?


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before they started working upperclass women would just laze around and vist people but now they can work in any job they want to. It was all thanks to the women of WW1 and WW2


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Women had more social power, and were able to work in some places. women also gained the right to vote in the industrial revolution. women's rights changed drasticly which changed women's lives as htye were equal to men

women are able to work nowadays

Computers have changed lives in a positive way by making things easier. Computers have changed the way people communicate and allow people to work from their home.

Women's lives changed a great deal after WW1. No longer were they protected by the innocence of peace. In fact, women became more aware of the global conflicts that surrounded them and their respective nations. The majority of women also went to work to fend for themselves and their children.

1 women can vote2 woman can own their own property3 boys and girls learn the same4 women earn as much as men at work5 women can be in the army6 dont marry who father tells them to

Technology is a very smart thing we need in our lives if they are not in out lives it will be harder for us to do work at your job, home, and school.

We could suddenly see, play and work in the dark.

World War 2 affected the lives of women in the US by letting them to work in the factories where the men used to work. Before, they used to not be able to go near them.

The light bulb changed people lives by allowing them to see and work at night more efficiently. It also paved the way for other electric appliances in the home.

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because they got to work, and do more things

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Women have been working hard since the beginning of time.

women have been discriminated at work or by law. especially voting.

One way work has changed over the last 100 years is that many of the women and men both work outside of the home. Also some people just work so that they can have good insurance.

They have changed because, in the beginning of the century, women couldn't work with an equal pay, they couldn't vote; life was unfair!

women can now be more free. women may work, own property and vote. women now over power men and back before the 1900s men over powered women and that's just what i think.

Well women have always have been considered weaker than men. In history poor women used to stay at home and do domestic chores however rich women would live a life of luxury and when their older would probably go to finishing school.Men however did the important jobs to support the family.However with sexual equlity women have been made to go to work like men.It is still perfectly normal though to see women doing domestic chores round the house as weel as having to work for a living,

Many American women worked outside the home for the first time. Women performed many jobs that had previously only been performed by men, including work in factories, driving, and serving in non-combat roles in the military.

Men got to work and get paid full wages and they got to own the property and money that went to the women or both. Men had a better life then women did just think if you could boss someone around like a maid that must have been cool,"NOT".

They did men's work, while the men went off to war.

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