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From a person knowing a lot about foreign US tranditions and from a friend in the US, things have changed. Christmas Music has become modern with pop singers. Food has become less elaborate (Americans like prepacked or precooked ham since many are lazy). Ham is a popular Christmas dish. People have stopped doing tranditions from their native crountries. Christians have advent wreaths to count down the four weeks till Christmas. Things have become less elaborate still people have many icicle lights and real and fake trees with tons of ornaments Advent calenders and they have become obssed with getting instead of giving. It has gone downhill since the 50's and 60's.

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What are the different types of Christmas music?

There is religious and secular Christmas music. The religious songs focus more on the birth of Christ and the giving spirit. Secular may focus some on the reason for the season, but it focuses more on Santa and other traditions. There are also Christmas songs that talk about the winter season in general.

What are some of the different Christmas traditions around the world?

There are many traditions that are practiced around the world for Christmas. A few traditions include the Netherlands where they eat pepernoot and kerstKrans,also in the UK and other countries where one sends cards wishing a happy Christmas.

What are some Christmas traditions in the country Turkey?

Turkey has no Christmas tradition.People in Turkey who celebrate Christmas do same things as other people who celebrate Christmas.

How does the tribe contribute to the beauty of the music of Palawan?

Each tribe has their own traditions, they can contribute to palawan music by sharing their knowledge and thier other traditions..

What are typical Hawaiian Christmas traditions?

Hawaiian Christmas traditions include the luau, a feast or party where food such as the Kalua pig, fish salads and coconut flavoured desserts. Other traditions consist of a blend of American, Japanese and Chinese customs.

What kind of people celebrate Christmas?

Most Christians. People who are not Christians have other traditions.

Is Pentatonix music Christmas music?

Pentatonix does perform Christmas music. As of December 2014, the a cappella group's album That's Christmas to Me was certified gold; it is the highest-charting holiday album by a group since 1962.

What is the religious name of the 12th day of Christmas season?

The 12 days of Christmas begin on December 25 on some traditions, while in other traditions they begin on December 26. In the first case, the 12th day of Christmas is January 6, which is Epiphany day.

Does Australia have Christmas presents?

Yes. Australia follows most of the traditions that other westernised countries follow when it comes to Christmas. The tradition of exchanging gifts at Christmas is very strong.

Where can one listen to Christmas music on the internet?

One can listen to Christmas music at XMasFun, TuneIn, Music on AOL, WebCrawler music, or even on sites like Pandora, YouTube, and other online music sites.

What do other cultures celebrate instead of Christmas?

There are various traditions that other cultures celebrate instead of Christmas. For Muslims, they celebrate Ramadan, Jews celebrate Hanukkah and so much more.

What do they say in Australia for Merry Christmas?

Australians say "Merry Christmas".Australia is an English-speaking country and follows the traditions of other English-speaking countries.

Why are no Christmas songs playing in shops?

It's the end of November and when I've been shopping, there has been no christmas music! Every other year, there is ALWAYS christmas music by now, why not this year? x

Where is it possible to listen to Home for Christmas?

You can listen to Home for Christmas along with other Christmas music at popular music streaming sites such as and Grooveshark. You may also opt to download music streaming programs such as Spotify and listen to songs with them.

What are some of the standards for Christmas music?

Some of the standards for Christmas music include: Deck the Halls, O' Christmas Tree, Jingle Bells, and The Christmas Song. There are many adaptations and other wonderful Christmas songs out there but these are some of the best known, and most loved songs.

Does Ukraine have have Christmas?

well, yes but not technically. you see, like any other country they have their own traditions for this holiday. yes, we have Christmas as all the other countries but we celebrate it in much different way and on the 7th of January because we mostly are Greek catholics and Roman catholics celebrate it on the 25th of December. For more about traditions of celebrating go to "how people celebrate Christmas in Ukraine"

What are some of the traditions of Christmas in France that are different from Christmas in America?

The main difference between Christmas in France and America is that it is custom to burn a log in your home on Christmas eve in France. There are no other large differences that are noticeable especially in recent years.

What is the best selling Christmas cantata?

The best selling Christmas cantata is "This Day is Born Emmanuel - A Christmas Cantata". You can find other Christmas cantata on the Choral Music website.

Who wrote the music for Charlie Brown Christmas special?

The jazz pianist and composer Vince Guaraldi wrote the music for the Charlie Brown Christmas and other classic Peanuts movies.

What are Australia's traditions and customs?

Australia is such a melting pot of cultures it would be hard to asign particular customs and traditions to it Other then the shopping rush before Christmas. Also the fleet of conflict in botany bay, this occurs though Christmas- January 26. It takes the place of thanksgiving

Can other players in minecraft multiplayer hear changed record music?


In Australia do they exchange gifts for Christmas?

Yes. Most Australians exchange gifts at Christmas time, just as people do in countries of North and South America and Europe. Australia has the same Christmas traditions as many other places in the world.

What traditions do German families have on Christmas?

One of the main traditions that German families have at Christmas is the unwrapping of presents on Christmas Eve, usually accompanied by a feast of various sweet treats, such as Gingerbread, Gingerbread houses and Platzchen, or Christmas biscuits.Advent is a German Lutheran tradition. Beginning with the fourth Sunday before Christmas, a candle is lit on the Advent wreath in church each week, u too all four candles are alight. This, along with the Advent calendar are traditions that began in Germany, and which have been adopted in other western nations to varying degrees.

How Does Science Change Christmas?

Science has given us better types of Christmas lights, and anyone who receives a computer, smart phone, or other technological device as a Christmas present can observe how science has changed Christmas.

Why is traditional music important?

Traditional music provides ties to culture creating connections to the basis of a society. This also creates a base for other traditions to build upon.

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