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4 feet off the ground

Or at least above your toes.

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Q: How high should you mount a TV on a bedroom wall?
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How high should you mount a 32 lcd tv on a bedroom wall?

4ft from the floor to the bottom of the tv.

How high should one mount a wall mount coat rack?

A wall mount coat rack should be at least 70 inches off the floor. Which means that if you look straight at it you will be facing the middle of the coats and not the top of the coat rack.

How high do I mount a 50 inch plasma tv on a bedroom wall?

Use a professionally made mounting bracket and a very good handyman or carpenter. These things are HEAVY.

How high should you mount a 50 in tv on a game room wall?

The middle of the screen should be just below eye level when you are seated.

Where is fuse box for 1985 Heritage motorhome?

In the Master Bedroom on the wall . In the Master Bedroom on the wall .

Can you give me a sentence for pennant?

My old high school pennant still hangs on my bedroom wall.

Can I get English directions for a wall mount on the computer?

Yes.They should come included with the wall mount you buy.WIthout knowing what you have we can only guess that you use the included hardware to secure it to the wall.

How does the safety of a ceiling mount television compare to a wall mount?

The safety of a ceiling mount is about the same as the safety of a wall mounted television. However, one should always remember that duo to force of gravity a ceiling mount is weaker.

What size screw is needed to attach TV to a wall mount?

The wall mount should come with the appropriate screws - if not, take it back and ask the seller for the appropriate screws.

Is it difficult to install TV wall mount enclosures?

It is not difficult to install television wall mount enclosures. This is a do it yourself project. You should get instructions and read them before attempting this.

Behind The Bedroom Wall?

A book!

How do you remove an internal wall in a static caravan?

can you answer it i have a 3 bedroom static caravan but my bedroom is to small can i remove a wall to make extra room

What size tv should you use a wall mount for?

Any Size, different wall mounts are for different size t.v.s

How can you wall mount a flat scree TV?

To wall mount a flat screen tv, you will need a power drill, measuring tape, a level, a pencil, and possibly a stud finder and a screwdriver, and you should really have a wall mount kit as well. A wall mounting kit will come with instructions. You will have to decide before you begin if and how you will hide the cables.

When painting a bedroom with two colors should the lighter paint go on top?

If your dividing the wall the lighter paint should go on top

How to Install an LED TV Wall Mount?

To install an LED TV wall mount, you should begin by finding a good spot on the wall to place it. This is often right above the entertainment stand where it used to sit. Place the brackets where there are beams in the wall to support the weight of the television.

How hard is it to install the Panasonic TYWK65PV7 Plasma Wall Mount?

It is not very hard to install a panasonic plasma wall mount, you will need a small screwdriver when installing this wall mount.

What kind of screws should one use to install TV wall mount brackets?

There are specific screws that should used when installing a TV onto wall mount brackets. These screws are much longer than typical screws and can be bought at Ace's.

Is it safe to build a climbing wall in your bedroom?


How many inches does the mount stick out from the wall?

The mount sticks out from the wall about 1.75" at its widest point.

Does the wall mount have a weight limit?

Yes. This wall mount has a weight capacity of 115 pounds.

Where can one find wall mount fans for sale?

One can find wall mount fans for sale from the Amazon website which offers a wide range of wall mount fans for sale. A local DIY shop also can offer wall mount fans for sale.

Does this TV come with a bracket for hanging it on the wall?

If you wish to mount this TV on the wall you must purchase a seperate wall mount kit.

Why must one be careful when purchasing a flat panel TV wall mount?

When purchasing a flat panel tv wall mouth, someone should be very careful because many things could go wrong. Someone should make sure the mount they purchase can handle the weight of the tv they plan on hanging. Also, that the mount will attach securely to the wall chosen.

What size wall mount do I need for a 32 inch television?

Usually you'll want a wall mount that's at least half as long as your television and usually three quarters as long. In this case you'll want a twenty inch wall mount and your large, expensive television should be all set and safe.