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Horses are born just like us humans. If you need more information, look online or get horse books from the library.

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Can horses get pregnant?

Of course horses can get pregnant. Horses are born, not made. And they're born from other horses. Only way for that to happen is if horses get pregnant.

Where in the wild are horses born?

Anywhere that feral horses, or wild horses live.

Horses born with the SCID virus have on Howrse?

horses born with the scid virus have on howrse

Do horses hatch from eggs?

Horses do not hatch from eggs. They are born similar to how a human is born.

How do horses get their colour?

horses get there color like how we get our skin color. horses are born like that.

When are horses born?

Horse breeders try and breed horses so that they are born on the first of August.

Are horses born with teeth?

Baby Horses ( foals) are similar to human babies. They are not born with teeth.

When was Young Man Afraid Of His Horses born?

Young Man Afraid Of His Horses was born in 1836.

Are friesian horses gaited?

No Friesian horses are not born gaited.

Can horses walk as soon as they are born?

Most of the time horses walk in about 5 mins. after it's born.

How are babys horses born from horses?

Baby horses are called foals, they are born in the usual mammal way of giving birth. And, almost always, born from the female kind. Lol. You need a stallion- not a gelding- and a mare, to breed two horses. Then, after 9 months, the foal is born.

Can minature horses get horses pregnant?

Of course miniature horses can get pregnant. Horses are born, not made. And they're born from other horses. Only way for that to happen is if horses get pregnant.

How are horses made?

They are born.

Horses and mustangs are born alive?

Most horses and Mustangs anre born alive. But occasionally, misfortune visits and the Equines are born dead.

Why are horses born wild?

Not all horses are born wild. Domestic horses when born are not really wild, they are just young and need education. There is a big difference between a wild horse and a domestic, green horse.

Champagne colored horses are born with what color of skin?

Champagne horses are born with the color coat of tan like buckskin's.

Can horses give birth in winter?

yes, most horses are born in January and feb

What skills do horses know even when born?

the skills horses know when there born is walking smelling and seeing also scenting feelings

When are American Thoroughbred Horses born?

They are born on January 1st.

How are baby horses born?

Baby horses are born in the same way other mammals are born: the mother's womb contracts and the baby is pushed out through the birth canal.

How are horses young born?

They are born out of the butt because they don't have vaggas

When are horses usually born?

At the start of their lives

Why are horses born?

Mostly for the use by cowboys

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