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The sun does not have an outer crust as it is not solid. The "surface" of the sun, called the photosphere, is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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How hot is the outer crust?

Check your thermometer. That's how hot it is on the outer crust where you are. There exists a geothermal gradient where temperature rises with depth from the surface. See the link below.

What is the sun's crust made of?

The Sun does not have a "crust"; the surface of the Sun is 12,000 degree-hot hydrogen plasma.

How hot is the crust of the sun?

11,000 degrees f

How hot is the outer layer of the sun?

5500 Celsius

How hot is the outer of the Sun?

The surface temperature of the Sun is around 5800 K

What is the layer of hot solid material between earth's crust and outer core?

it is the mantle

What are the 3 layers of the Earth's interior?

There are 4 layers in the earth these are crust, mantle, inner core and outer core. The crust is made of the ocean crust and the continents. The mantle is made of plastic it is very hot liquid. The outer core is very hot liquid. And the inner core is hot solid made mainly of iron. :) :P <3 .....

What are the parts of earth's surface?

The layers are in this order, from core to crust. 1 inner core 2 outer core 3 mantle 4 crust We are on the crust. The inner core is solid iron the outer is liquid iron the mantle is hot rock the crust is dirt and rock.

What is earth's outer layer?

The Earth's outer layer is the crust.crustit is the crust of the earth like apple pie crust

How hot is the crust and is it as hot as the sun?

I believe that one day, cars will fly (; And, umm, P.S. : I love You (:

What makes the sun shine and what make it hot?

the heat in outer space makes it shine and be hot

The hard outer layer of the earth?

The hard outer layer of the earth is called the crust. The crust can be divided into the continental crust and the oceanic crust.

Is it hot or cold in Saturn?

it is cold in Saturn as it is an outer planet,outer planet are planets that are far away from the sun.

How was Earth's crust formed?

the earth was a big hot ball made up of many rocks and gases. After millions of years the outer portion of the earth coooled down. We live on this outer layer of the earth called the Crust.

Where is the sun crust located?

There is no sun crust

Why is the center of the earth not molten?

The pressure from the outer core, mantle, and crust sqeeze it to a solid although is is fiery hot.

What is the 4 layers of the crust?

crust,mantle,outer core,inner core crust,mantle,outer core,inner core

What is the outer crust?

The outer crust is the final layer around the earth. It is also the thinnest layer

Do you live on the crust mantle core or outer core?

crust. its the outer most layer of the earth

Is a star's outer layer hot and dense?

Yes it is! Just like the sun. Its Corona is very hot.

Do cookies have crust?

Yes they do! The outer rim is the crust.

Do both the earth and the sun have a crust?

the earth has a crust but the sun appears to not have a crust

What is the thinnest and has the least volume crust or outer core?


The crust is what layer?

The crust is the top layer. Then there is the outer mantle, inner mantle, outer core, and inner core.

Is earth's rocky outer layer called the crust?

Yes the Earth's rocky outer layer is called the crust.

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