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Jesus has no relevance whatsoever in Judaism, just as Buddha has no relevence in Christianity. Simply put, Jesus is outside the scope of Judaism.

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What is the role of Jesus Christ in Judaism?

Jesus has no particular role in Judaism.

Is jesus important to jews?

In Judaism, Jesus was a regular human being who lived in olden times, and is not part of Jewish religious belief.See:Why didn't the Jews believe in Jesus?What do Jews believe about God?

What is the tagalog translation of Jesus and judaism?

In Tagalog: Jesus = Jesus (pronounced similar to Spanish). Judaism = hudaismo

What does Judaism say about Christ?

Judaism doesn't say anything about Jesus. Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus is a prophet?

No, Jesus was not a prophet according to Jews. Judaism doesn't discuss Jesus at all.

Does Judaism believe that Jesus is the son of Mary?

Judaism makes no comment on Jesus as he is a part of Christianity and plays no role in Judaism.

What kind of Judaism believes in Jesus?

None. "Jews for Jesus" are Christians.

Do judaism have belief in Jesus?

Jewish history acknowledges the existence of Jesus, but ascribes no significance to him as an important teacher, or to any unusual nature or origin.

How is Christianity related to judaism?

Christianity stems from Judaism. Jesus was Jewish. And Christians worship Jesus.

How is judaism different from Jesus?

Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being, not divine and not a prophet.

Does Reform Judaism believe in Jesus?

No. Reform Judaism does not believe in Jesus. Individual Jews have varying opinions about Jesus, but he is not part of the religion at all.

Why is Mecca important to Judaism?

Mecca is not important to Judaism. It is important to Islam.

Which religion did jesus experience when he was growing up?

JudaismImprovement: Jesus Experienced The Religion Judaism When He WasGrowing Up !

Is the god of Judaism named Jesus?

No. Jews worship One God, who created the universe. Jesus is not part of Judaism.

How does Christianity differ from Judaism?

Christianity says Jesus is the Messiah, Judaism is still waiting for the Messiah. Also, Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being.

Why is Jesus important to Judaism and Islam?

Islam believes Jesus is a messiah and prophet but not divine. Jesus and his message in John said a comforter will come in john 14-16. In Islam they believe the comforter is Prophet Muhammad ( a messenger after Jesus). In old text of Bible in Hebrew mentions a name sound like Muhammad (mahammadim). In Judaism, Jesus has no importance and no role.

Is Jesus is the son of God according to Kabbalah?

No. Kabbalah consists of those mystical texts, and tradition, which are found in Judaism, and Judaism holds that Jesus was a regular human being. See also:What does Judaism say about Jesus?

What does Judaism not have in common with Islam and Christianity?

Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

Do Jews believe in Jesus as God?

NO. Not only is Jesus completely irrelevant to Judaism and Jewish teachings, the idea of God becoming incarnate in a physical person is an anathema to Judaism. Jesus is as important in Judaism as Muhammad is in Christianity, which is to say that he has no importance at all, save as the founder of a different faith. Judaism simply sees Jesus as another false Messiah in the long history of Messianic Candidates stretching from Zerrubabel in the 500s B.C.E. to Menachem Mendel Shneersohn who died in 1994 and does not see him as a prophet or other saintly figure.Please also see these Related Questions which clarify the Jewish position on Jesus:Why do Jews not believe in Jesus?How does the Old Testament understand the Messiah?

What do Jews consider Jesus to be in Judaism?

Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism. He is just a figure from a different religion from the Jewish perspective.

What is the connection between Jews and Judaism?

Judaism is the religion of the Jews. Christianity arose out of Judaism, through the birth of Jesus as a Jew. Islam, the religion of Muslim people, was influenced by both Judaism and Christianity.

Why does Judaism not believe in Jesus?

The Jews believe that Jesus was a false messiah.

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