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How is Christianity originally linked to palestine?


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The Land that God gave to the Israelites and which Jesus came to includes what we now call Palestine.

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It existed long before there was a Palestine.

It first arose in Israel but it is originated in Palestine. Also during romes decline, Christianity was introduced to Rome <--- Italy

AnswerNo. Christianity arose in the Middle East, probably in Palestine.

Christianity began in Sub Sahara Africa where the worlds first Christian Church was built

What is some of the historical background of the people of Rafa in Palestine ?

Judaism started in Egypt. Christianity started in what is called currently Palestine territories.Another viewIn the area now known as Israel/Palestine

It originally belonged to the Proto-Canaanites. None of them continue to exist. The longest continuously-identified ethnic group to inhabit Palestine was the Jews.

W. D. Davies has written: 'The gospel and the land' -- subject(s): History of doctrines, Criticism, interpretation, Palestine in Christianity, Palestine in Judaism, Palestine in the Bible, Bible 'Christian origins and Judaism' -- subject(s): Christianity, Christianity and other religions, Church history, Judaism, Relations 'The territorial dimension of Judaism' -- subject(s): Palestine in Judaism, Palestine in the Bible

A lot of Christianity is based in the areas of Israel/Palestine, though mainly Israel.

It started out as a tiny Jewish sect in Palestine.

In the area now known as Israel/Palestine.

In the area now known as Israel/Palestine.

The region now known as Israel/Palestine.

In the area currently called Israel/Palestine.

Christianity originates from Palestine (or areas from modern day Israel).

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These three religions are closely linked together. They find their roots in Hazrat Abraham (AS).

It was founded in Israel, the place some people call Palestine did not exist yet at that time in history. All of what is now called Palestine by some people used to be a part of Israel.

In the area known as the Holy Land, now called Israel/Palestine.

The Hebrews did not establish themselves in Palestine. They were originally from the land of Israel, but when they were expelled by the Romans in the year 70, the Romand renamed the land "Palestine" in honor of the Jews's enemy: the Phillistines.

Christianity began at the height of the Roman civilization in Palestine. Christ was crucified by the Romans in Jerusalem.

Green, of course, is the color linked to Ireland and St. Patrick.

Islam and Judaism/Christianity are linked with the common ancestor Abraham by his sons Ishmael and Isaac.

Originally in Israel, then it spread from there.

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