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Connecticut is one of the original thirteen colonies. It is known as the nutmeg state and was home to Mark Twain, author of Huckleberry Finn, Harriett Beecher Stowe author of Uncle Tom's Cabin and Daniel Webster, who compiled the first dictionary.
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Why was Connecticut founded?

It was spawned from the Massachusetts colony. There were two factors: dissension, and expansion. They were fighting among themselves, and they needed more room. As early as 1633, Puritans and Pilgrims migrated into the Connecticut River Valley, drawn by the vast forests. In 1636, the Puritan ministe ( Full Answer )

What is specialization?

Specialization is when you focus on a particular branch of whateverjob you have and be the best at it. japan specialization in tool So if you are a doctor you may be specialized in problems with thefeet or some other body part.

What is the The Connecticut Compromise?

The Connecticut compromise is the same exact thing as the great compromise its just another name for it. so the Connecticut compromise/ the great compromise is when the larger states wanted the representatives to be determined on population and the smaller states wanted the representatives to be det ( Full Answer )

What is the Connecticut compromise?

The Connecticut Compromise is an agreement during the Constitutional Convention that Congress should be composed of a Senate, in which States would be represented equally, and a House, in which representation would be based on a State's population. I think the Connecticut compromise is where the ( Full Answer )

Why was Connecticut established?

The establishment of Connecticut was largely due to the result of the Pequot War that decimated the tribal presence in the Connecticut valley and their demise led colonists from Massachusetts to settle the area. The first English settlers in 1633 settled at Windsor, and then in 1634 at Wethersfie ( Full Answer )

What is the population of Connecticut?

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, the population of Connecticut is 3,574,097. See the related links below for a break down of Connecticut's population.

What was the Connecticut Compromise?

In the Philadelphia Convention of 1787 this compromise was put forward to end the conflict between the big states and the small states, It provided for the bicameral legislative branch that we have today, giving the states equal representation in the Senate and proportional representation in the Hou ( Full Answer )

Facts about Connecticut?

The Dutch first explored Connecticut. . Part of the Northeast region. . Hartford is the capital. . Nickname: The Constitution State. . Was the 5th state in the USA on January 9th 1788.

Why was Connecticut started?

Connecticut was started because of its rich resources and abundantwater. Connecticut Colony was admitted to the Union on January 9,1788.

What does Connecticut export?

Connecticut's exports include: . timber . paper . tobacco . dairy products . shell fish . blue stone . aerospace parts (GE/Unison, United Technologies/ Pratt & Whitney) . hand tools (Stanley Bostich of New Britain) . submarines (Electric Boat) . textiles (Coach) not to mention intang ( Full Answer )

How was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker, a Massachusetts Bay Puritan Minister. This probably occurred sometime between 1616 and 1647, when Hooker died. Hooker's exact date of birth does not seem to be known. Hooker was the second Puritan leader to leave the Massachusetts Colony after Roger Williams ( Full Answer )

What was grown in Connecticut?

Tobacco was grown in Connecticut. Everyone had it, not knowing it could cost their lives. There were also lots of crops.

Are you special?

Yes, every human being is special. There's only one person like you in the whole wide world. We all have different colored hair, skin and eyes, we may be tall or short and we all walk and talk differently.

What is there to do in Connecticut?

A few of the many options: Plays at the Bushnell and Warner theaters, Bradley Playhouse, concerts, musicals at Goodspeed Opera House; White-water rafting, sailing, hiking trails (the Connecticut Blue Trails), beaches, even beaches with hiking trails (Rocky Neck), horseback riding, hunting, fis ( Full Answer )

How was Connecticut named?

The state of Connecticut was named for the Connecticut River. Theword Connecticut is an English version of an Algonquian wordmeaning "long tidal river".

How are you special?

Everyone has a certain quality about them that makes them special. For instance, I like to help people so for me to care for others helps other people out--its like a bonus *Everyone is very special in their own way. You may be funny, or maybe just plain kind. The point is everyone, is very speci ( Full Answer )

What is the region of Connecticut?

There are many different regions in Connecticut. There are alsomany different regions that consider Connecticut to be a part.

What is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a US state that borders New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. It is on the Atlantic coast, more specifically on Long Island Sound.

How long has Connecticut been Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker founded the Connecticut Colony in 1636 on the site of present-day Hartford. It was a small settlement. Other small settlements were founded in the next several years both nearby and elsewhere in what we now consider the State of Connecticut, each with its own separate government. In ( Full Answer )

Special geographic features of Connecticut?

Connecticut is a state in the northeast portion of the UnitedStates. There are many geographical features, such as mountains,valleys, rivers, lakes, and forests.

What are the requirement's to get into Connecticut?

the last time I approached the CT border there were signs stating that I would have to properly pronounce the name of the Governer of CT's name, I would have to know the date CT was admitted to the colonies, and know how many people in CT own their own homes.. there is a website to help you with th ( Full Answer )

Where was Connecticut founded?

Connecticut was founded in colonial times. The founding location was near what is today known as the Connecticut river.

How is groton Connecticut?

Well, Groton is great! There are so many things to do. I visited once (family) and we had a blast!

How large is Connecticut?

Connecticut is 5,544 sq. miles in area making it the 3rd smallest or 48th largest state in the US.

What is the elevation of Connecticut?

The average elevation of the state of Connecticut is 500 feet. It'shighest elevation is the south slope of Mount Frissell which is2,379 feet high.

What is the size of Connecticut?

Connecticut's estimated population was 3,590,886 as of July 1, 2015per the U.S. Census Bureau. Connecticut has total area of 5,543.41square miles which includes 4,842.36 square miles of land.

What can you do in Connecticut?

There's a ton of fun things to do in Connecticut. Depending on who you're traveling with, I suggest you rent a car or a 15 passenger van. Then you'll be free to check out all the awesome sights without having to worry about transportation. If you're in Hartford, you can check out the Mark Twain Hous ( Full Answer )

Who was Connecticut named after?

It was not named after any person. "Connecticut" is the English transliteration of the Native American Mohegan tribe's name for the area: "Quinnehtukqu", meaning "Long River Place".

Why visit Connecticut?

To try and figure out what people from Connecticut are called. No one knows. Not even them.

Did Connecticut have slavery?

Yes Connecticut did have slavery. Oh and you don't have to read all of it,you can just read up to where you see the word Connecticut. Northern slavery grew out of the paradox the new continent presented to its European masters. So much land was available, so cheaply, that no one was willing to c ( Full Answer )

What is Connecticut named after?

Connecticut is named after the river that bears that name. The wordin Mohican means 'long tidal river'. It runs through four states.

Are there ghosts in Connecticut?

No. . Ghosts are not in Connecticut because they are not real. In my many years of life, I have never seen one.. Yes. . Yes, ghosts are in Connecticut. Ghosts are real. Your body is energy, and you cannot make or destroy energy. So it has to go somewhere.

Is Connecticut a commonwealth?

No, among the states of the United States only Kentucky, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Virgina style themselves Commonwealths. For practical purposes there is no difference between a state and a commonwealth that is also a state.

When was Connecticut was founded?

That depends on what you mean by 'founded': . The State of Connecticut was founded January 9, 1788 (when its government ratified the Constitution of the United States.. The original English "Connecticut Colony" was officially founded in 1636 with the signing of the Fundamental Orders, though i ( Full Answer )

What is your specialization?

My specialty is a domestic engineer ( house wife). I know that sounds lame, but it entails various different skills. One day I have to be the bookkeeper, the next day the chauffer. Every day I am the chief, and then there is the cleaning lady, laundry lady, the grocery person. One of my favorites- t ( Full Answer )

Why am I special?

Answer: You have a combinations of talents and abilities that are unique, and therefore have the ability to make contributions to the world that no-one has ever been able to make before. No-one in the history of the universe has ever experienced exactly what you have experienced; you might gain an ( Full Answer )

What can you specialize in?

You can specialise in anything you wish. Some subjects are more useful and sought after than others. For example there is not a huge demand for experts in repairing the side lights for handsome cabs today.

Are there ocelots in Connecticut?

I live in Maine and I'll tell you we have really bad ocelot problems during the winter. Due to the lack food during the winter they have really low food and often tend to dig through our trash cans. They tend to migrate from down in South America to the north American States. So yeah I'd say a lot o ( Full Answer )

What are the Connecticut compromise?

Slaves would count as part of the population. . Each state would have two representatives in the Senate.. The president could veto laws.. Congress would have two houses that both had to pass a givenlaw.. The House of Representatives would have its members elected basedon population.. Congress ( Full Answer )

Which president is from Connecticut?

George H. W. Bush lived in Connecticut from early infancy until age 13 when he went to away to Massachusetts for prep school. He was born in Mass. George w. Bush was born in Connecticut while his father was a student at Yale but the family moved to Texas when his father graduated.

What is a abbreviation for Connecticut?

The current US Postal Service abbreviation for Connecticut is CT. Before the two-letter abbreviation system was devised, Connecticut was often abbreviated as "Conn."

What is the symbol of Connecticut?

There is no Connecticut state symbol, unless you consider the state Flag or the State Seal to be a symbol of the state.

Where is Connecticut?

Connecticut is a New England state, on the northern US Atlantic coast. It is immediately south of Massachusetts (along with Rhode Island to its east) and faces south on Long Island Sound. To its west is New York state's Hudson River valley.

What is connecticut known for-?

Connecticut is home of the Colt gun manufacturing company as wellas multiple innovations in the textile industry. Ethan Allen andNathan Hale were famous people from Connecticut.

Who settle Connecticut?

Thomas Hooker settled Connecticut. He and his congregation leftNewtown and settled near the Dutch trading post.

What was its settlement in Connecticut?

In 1633, Windsor became Connecticut's first English settlement.This was due to its desirable location at the juncture of theFarmington and Connecticut Rivers.

What is a specialization?

Specialization is a specific type of field one wants to get into aspart of his or her major in university. If it is job-related, it isa specific area of a job.

What was the purpose of Connecticut.?

This could only be answered contextually. Do you mean the statehistory? The question is in Native American Spirituality, so do youmean how the Connecticut river, also known at the Long River,impacted native cultures?