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How is Mardi Gras in Alabama?

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Mardi Gras in Alabama typically takes place in Mobile, Alabama. It is a festive event that takes over the entire city. On Fat Tuesday businesses shut down, schools are closed and the party begins. Beautiful floats fill the city streets from morning to early evening accompanied by high school Marching Bands and drill teams. Music floats through the air and fun is had by all. Just imagine an entire city gathering together, putting on some music and dancing the day away. Vendors line the streets to sell a variety of items including Mardi Gras T-Shirts, corndogs, pizza, Hamburgers, cokes and alcohol. Food is definitely not missing from Mardi Gras. Many families set up their own areas, complete with couches and grills to turn the event into a giant tailgating party. But don't worry if you didn't bring a grill and vendor food is not your thing...the Moon Pies and candies will rain from the floats all day.

One of the 'prized' items during Mardi Gras are the infamous Mardi Gras beads. Purple, green and gold beads adorn the necks of virtually everyone you will see on the street. So to sum up, "How is Mardi Gras in Alabama", well it's an awesomeexperience everyone needs to try, at least once.

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Which US city held the first Mardi Gras?

Mobile, AlabamaThe first US Mardi Gras was in Mobile, Alabama.

Is the s in mardi gras silent?

Yes, the s in Mardi Gras *is* silent. And, as I live in Mobile, Alabama, I was so glad to see that you were correct in which city Mardi Gras began--- Mobile, Alabama, *not* New Orleans!

Where did mardi gras originate from?

Mobile, Alabama

What state did Mardi Gras start?


What US city did mardi gras originate?

mardi gras started in Mobile Alabama but is celebrated in new Orleans and in mobile

In what state did Mardi Gras come from?

Mobile, alabama

When and where was the first Mardi Gras parade?

mobile alabama

What Major US Cities celebrate Mardi Gras?

Mardi Gras was founded in Mobile, Alabama by Joe Cain. New Orleans began celebrating Mardi Gras and is often mistaken for being the founding city.Mobile, AlabamaNew Orleans, Louisiana

What is another popular place for Mardi Gras?

Mobile, Alabama

What city was Mardi Gras started in?

For United State it was Mobile, Alabama.

Where was the original Mardi Gras?

In the US it was first celebrated in Mobile Alabama

What is another city that really celebrates Mardi Gras?

Mobile, Alabama

What US city is the Mardi Gras held?

Currently the Mardi Gras ( Fat Tuesday ) is held in New Orleans. The first home of the festival was in Mobile, Alabama.

What celebration is like mardi gras?

Mardi gras

What is Mardi gras mascot?

the JESTER is the Mardi Gras mascot.

What is a mardi gras follower called?

A reveler. A mardi gras.

What does Mardi Gras celebrate for?

Is it a time to celebrate mardi gras and why

Was Mardi Gras always called Mardi Gras?


What is the etymology of Mardi Gras?

The etymology of the word Mardi Gras is that it originates from the French word Mardi Gras. Mardi Gras is a celebration or carnival that occurs before Lent each year.

What state hosts a big Mardi Gras celebration every year?

Louisiana and Alabama

When is mardi gras this year?

Mardi Gras this year was on February 16

Why does mardi gras happen on a Tuesday?

why is mardi gras happen on a tuesday.

What is the date of mardi gras in?

Mardi Gras in 2009 is February 4.

Where is Mardi gras originated from?

Mardi Gras originated in Mobile, Al.

Where is mardi gras practised in the Caribbean?

Mardi Gras is practised in Haiti