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How is Oracle connected with C or C plus plus?

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Need to find out the Oracle Connecting driver's that work for C or C++.

e.g. Java uses JDBC-ODBC driver to connect to Oracle data base ..... (4 different types of JDBC drivers are available)

There should be such drivers for C or C++ language as well ..... Google on C++ Oracle driver ....

You can use the Oracle precompiler (Pro*C) or the Oracle Call Interface (OCI).

OCILIB is an open source and cross platform Oracle Driver that delivers really fast and reliable access to Oracle databases.

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How does oracle differ from c plus plus?

The first in a company developping a well-known database system, the second is a programming language.

In Which language Oracle Developed?

Oracle is developed using C language...

Can you connect to database in unix environment using c or c plus plus languages?

Yes. You need a library, such as Oracle Pro*C to do that. Depending on your requirements and/or desires, you can use the native (OCI) method, or you can use the imbedded (precompiler) method.

What is difference between c and pro c?

C is the computer language bases on K&R's language that has evolved over the years. It includes C++, as extended by Stroustroup.. Pro*C is an Oracle precompiler that will read a C or C++ program, detect Oracle extensions to it, and convert it to native code for subsequent processing by the C or C++ compiler. This involves building the data structures and function calls needed to use Oracle while passing the non-Oracle C or C++ code through intact. The amalgamated code is then processed by the C or C++ compiler and it now works with Oracle.

How the oracle is connected to java and visual basic?

Oracle is the company that owns Java and is partnered with Microsoft who owns Visual Basic.

How many compiler in c plus plus?

If we exclude different versions of the same compiler then there are at least 10 popular implementations that I know of: Clang, GCC, DMC++, Sun/Oracle C++, Embarcadero C++ Builder, IBM XLC++, MSVC++, Intel C++, EDG eccp, HP aCC.

How can you connect to a database such as Oracle or Access in C?

U need to find the DRIVER for C language that will connect to Oracle or Access Database and then access that driver through C program.

What is meaning of c in oracle 12c?

c in 12c Stand For Cloud

Difference between SQL plus and ISQL plus?

iSQL*Plus is a browser-based implementation of SQL*Plus. You can use it to connect to an Oracle database system over the Internet to perform the same tasks as those that are performed through the SQL*Plus command line. The iSQL*Plus implementation uses a Web browser, an Oracle HTTP Server with the iSQL*Plus Server, and an Oracle database.

Oracle was written in what programming language?

in C

How to connect c program with oracle?

You can use Oracle Call Interface or nested SQL with Pro*C precompiler. Of course you have to use the documentation (available on-line).

Do you need an sql server with Microsoft visual c plus plus?

No, you do not need SQL*Server, Oracle, or any RDBMS with MS Visual C/C++. It is optional. You would only need it if you wanted to develop database aware software with ODBC, OLE, OCI, or any of the RDBMS protocols.

Computer application in education?

Unix, C, C+, C++, Java, Oracle, DBA, Windows.

Is Pro C and C Different?

If you mean Oracle Pro*C then yes, they are different things.

What is c plus language?

There is no language called c plus. There is c, and there is c plus plus, but no c plus.

What are the differences between SQL statement to iSQL plus statement?

Structured Query Lanaguage(SQL) is a command language to communicate with oracle server.whereas SQL*PLUS is an oracle tool that recognises and submits sql statements to the oracle server for execution.

What is b plus b plus b plus c plus c plus c plus c?

b+b+b+c+c+c+c =3b+4c

What is c plus c plus 2c plus c plus c equal?

c + c + 2c + c + c = 6c

B plus b plus b plus c plus c plus c plus c equals?

b + b + b + c + c + c + c = 3b + 4c

Difference between sql and sql plus?

SQL*PLUS is a interface between user and Oracle database. It Provide an environment to use the SQL which is a query language to communicate with oracle database

Symplify c plus c plus c plus c?


What are the books to study C Plus Plus?

One book to study C Plus Plus is "C Plus Plus for Dummies." Another book to study C Plus Plus is "C Plus Plus Primer".

B plus b plus c plus c plus c plus c equals?


What has the author David C Kreines written?

David C. Kreines has written: 'Oracle data dictionary pocket reference' -- subject(s): Database management, Oracle (Computer file) 'Oracle database administration' -- subject(s): Oracle (Computer file), Relational databases, SQL (Computer program language)

How do you connect to a database in C or C Plus Plus?

The C and C++ languages do not have standard libraries to manage databases, you need to use the libraries provided by the compiler, or database vendors or any 3rd party libraries to connect and manage databases. You can find libraries and examples of connecting to MySQL, Oracle and Sybase databases from here: