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How is a pentecostal church and a baptist church different from a non-denominational church?


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Non-denominational churches are not fire and brimstone focused, but are still Bible - based.

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Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church was created in 1959.

The Pentecostal Free Will Baptist Church (PFWB) has churches in the Eastern United States, including Florida. Go to the homepage here: and click on "Church Locator" to find a church near you.

She was raised a Baptist, but was also exposed as a child to the Pentecostal Church.

Methodist, Assemblies of God, Baptist, Luthern, Church of Christ, Pentecostal, and Cowboy church.

There is no single Pentecostal church leader as there are many different Pentecostal denominations and sects, each with their own leadership organization.

No, unless it's part of a name--for example, The Second Nondenominational Community Church." But: "The church I attend is nondenominational."

It will depend on the Church of God affiliation. Anderson Indiana Church of God Churches are not Pentecostal, but the Cleveland Tennessee Church of G0dare Pentecostal.I believe that the Church of God is trinitarian. Pentecostals are oness.

Well, it depends on the individual church. Some Baptist churches sing the same songs as most Pentecostal churches (except for songs that talk about Holy Spirit baptism--unless it's a Charismatic Baptist church). And, some non-Pentecostal churches don't sing songs about the blood of Christ. Other than that, in general, the songs are about the same.

Nondenominational means not related to any specific religion or church.

Probably mostly Baptist, Pentecostal, and Church of God (Anderson IN).

They are different because pentocostal, baptist, evangelitic,(etc.) All have different religeons

baptist, angilican, roman catholic, pentecostal, church of god, methodist and other christian

Baptist, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Church of God, Methodist, and other christianity sects.

It varies some in different pentecostal denominations, but decisions are usually made by the church elders, the church board, and/or the pastor.

Baptist Church is different from otbher Churches because...... Well am not too sure.Yb

A classical Pentecostal church would be the Assembly of God Church.

Assemblies of GodChurch of God (Cleveland Tennessee)Church of God in ChristInternational Church of the Foursquare GospelUnited Pentecostal Church InternationalInternational Pentecostal Holiness Churchall pentecostal denominations do...there are MANY....also many charismatic churches and a few baptist....probably a few other groups within other denominational belief sysytems.

A Pentecostal church is the body of Christ who believes what happened in the book of Acts in the upper room, when the Holy Spirit fell on the disciples in Acts chapter 2. There are many different denominations that are Pentecostal, and the Church of God of Prophecy, and Church of God are among the biggest denominations.

The title 'First Baptist' is assigned to the literal 'first' baptist church established in the area. Southern Baptist is a denomination. There are many Baptist denominations. As such a Southern Baptist church CAN be called "First Baptist" if they were the first Baptist church in the town. However, the First Baptist Church in the denomination could be a different Baptist denomination.

The Pentecostal church STRONGLY discourages divorce.

The saints are the important people in the pentecostal church.

Elim Pentecostal Church was created in 1915.

Anyone is allowed to go to a Pentecostal church.

Nondenomination or nondenominational refers to a christian organization, group, place or thing that is Christian in nature but isn't officially a part of a specific established christian denomination. Another word for nondenominational church could be independent church. Another answerThe Christian Church is split into denominations - groups that have a common way of worship, and in some cases, slightly different beliefs. As examples, denominations include the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Baptists, Methodists, URC, Salvationists, Pentecostals and so on.If a particular church does not belong to a denomination, then it is called nondenominational or a 'nondenomination'. Another name of a nondenominational church is a 'free' church. Most free churches are very Biblical and orthodox in their beliefs, but there are some dangers in being nondenominational. In denominational churches beliefs are checked and are accountable to the church authorities world wide. In a nondenominational church, unless care is taken over doctrine, it is possible that heresies, fundamentalism or exclusivity can creep in as the church members are accountable to no one.

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