How is anemia treated?

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By prescribing iron.

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Q: How is anemia treated?
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Does anemia can be treated?

Yes Anemia can b treated very easily.there are many medicine 2 treat Anemia. 1st of all Anemia is of 2 types. 1. Microcytic anemia 2. Macrocytic anemia most of the people had iron deficiency anemia or folic acid anemia which is treated easily.u can take certain iron or or folic acid tablets available in the markets.

How can patients be treated for anemia?

It depends upon the type of anemia. There are literally dozens of types of anemia, and dozens of different treatments.

How is iron deficiency anemia treated?

A: Iron replacement.

How is sickle cell anemia treated?

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Is pernicious anemia severe?

Yes it is. It is fatal if not treated.

Can sickle cell anemia be treated?

sickle cell anaemia is inherited and it cannot be treated.

What can happen if anemia is not treated?

Anemia, if not treated, can cause heart failure, bleeding out your tearducts, severe seizures, spastic twitching, brain damage and testicular cancer.

Is anemia deathly?

Anemia can be deathly if not treated. But usually you just need to take a vitamin or have food that has iron in it.

How is sideroblastic anemia cured?

Acquired sideroblastic anemia may be cured when the condition that causes it is treated or removed.

What is anemia and how is it treated?

anemia is a blood disorder. there are many types all of which are to do with blood. It is treated differently compared to the severeness of it. you can have blood transplants, bone marrow transfusions... yeh

How is anemia treated in pregnancy?

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What diseases are treated with injections of vitamin B-12?

Pernicious anemia

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