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How is bacteria different from eukaryotes?

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Eukariyotes have an organized nucleus.Bacteria do not have.

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How is a protozoan parasite different from bacteria?

Protozoans are eukaryotes. Bacteria are prokaryotes.

How are bacteria different from protozoa?

Because bacteria are prokaryotes and protozoa are eukaryotes. :3

How are bacteria cells different from the cells of eukaryotes?

The organelles are not the same the bacteria cells isn't as advanced as the eukaryotes with are in your body and bacteria are more simple when it comes to life. The eukaryotes are said to have come from bacteria cell during the development of advancement of life here on Earth!

Are bacteria and protists eukaryotes?

No, Bacteria are prokaryotes and protist are eukaryotes And Bacteria and Eukaryotes are 2 domains from 3 domain classification. The third being Archaea.

Are bacteria eukaryotes?

No, bacteria are prokaryotes.

Is bacteria a eukaryotes?

Bacteria is a prokaryote.

Is Bacteria and archaea are eukaryotes?

Bacteria, Archaea and Eukaryote are all different that is they all are 3 domains of classification of life.

Are bacteria cells eukaryotes and prokaryotes?

No. They are prokaryotes, not eukaryotes.

Are bacteria eukaryotes or prokaryotes?

Bacteria are prokaryotes.

Does bacteria have eukaryote?

And Bacteria and Eukaryotes are 2 domains from 3 domain classification. The third being Archaea. They all are different.

Are all living things that are not bacteria eukaryotes?

True all living things that are not bacteria are eukaryotes. Eukaryotes consists of protists, fungi, animals, plants and everything else except bacteria.

Mostly aerobic organism is bacteria or eukaryotes?

It is Bacteria

Is bacteria eukaryotes?

No, they are prokaryotic.

Did eukaryotes evolve from bacteria?


List 5 ways that bacteria are different from protists?

bacteria is a prokaryote but protist are eukaryotes... 1. bacteria lack cell organelles. 2. reproduce by binary fission

Can bacteria be eukaryotes?

no because bacterias are singled celed organisms and bacterias dont have a nucleus and eukaryotes do so no bacteria can not be a eukaryote

Do all eukaryotes and bacteria have a plasma membrane?

Yes, both eukaryotes and bacteria have a cell (also called plasma) membrane.

Bacteria are much smaller than most?

Bacteria is typically smaller than Eukaryotes. In fact, Eukaryotes have an organelle called the mitochondria which resemble an enveloped bacteria.

How do the cells of bacteria differ from those of eukaryotes?

Bacteria are prokaryotes.

Are protista eukaryotes or prokaryotes?

Protists are eukaryotes. If they were prokaryotes, they would be called a bacteria.

Are bacteria prokaryotes or eukaryotes?


All bacteria are classified as?


Are All bacteria are eukaryotes.?

No. None of them are.

What is is the difference between protoctist and bacteria?

Protoctists are eukaryotes Bacteria are prokaryotes

Are bacteria and virsuses prokaryotes or eukaryotes?

Bacteria are prokaryotes.Virus do not have cellular organization

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