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Coal is formed by the burial and heating of large quantities of organic matter.

Brown coal is a low-grade form of coal, formed by moderate burial and pressure.

Black coal is formed by increasing pressure and temperature, removing more of the volatiles and resulting in a more carbon-rich coal.


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one is brown, and one is black. hahaha nahh, the black coal can produce less water than the brown with the same volume therefore black coal is more efficient.

one is brown and black but one is more efficient, guess which one ;)

Coal is a Brown Black sedimentary rock.

Black coal is an ideal fuel as it contains less water than brown coal and thus provides more energy than the same amount of brown coal.

A coal looks like this, a piece of rock that is black to brown.

They are all formed from the sedimentation of plant matter.

Coal is a hard end sedimentary rock that is brown and kind of black.

yes... yes it does. it does burn worst but coal will never be good for the environment.

Coke is produced by the distillation of coal.

There are dozens. Black coal is mined in NSW and QLd, brown coal in Victoria. Coal occurs in the other states and NT but not in commercially viable amounts.

Coal is a combustible black or brownish black sedimentary rock composed mostly of carbon and hydrocarbons. Coal is a non-rewable energy source, it takes millons of years to be made. It is found underground, so people build coal mines to get at it. miners dig it out.

Black coal is a high-quality variety of coal.

Peat and lignite (brown coal) are both beginning stages in the production of coal by natural processes. But coals are not all produced from peat.

It is suppose to be black, but it turns out brown.

A soft brown coal with less moisture is called bituminous coal.

There is only one country in Australia, and that is Australia. It is both a country and a single continent. Australia is currently the world's fourth largest producer of black coal, the fifth largest producer of brown coal (even though it is ranked first in recoverable brown coal resources), and the largest exporter of coal.

Coal is not produced it is mined (it is a natural resource/product). Coal is used (burned) as a source of enery and coal products (given off when coal is heated) are used in the chemical industry.

More than 70% of US electricity is produced from coal.

It depends on what B stands for. B=black, blue, brown.

At first, when Bella say Edward his eyes were black. Coal Black. Then the next time she say him, his eyes were golden brown.

heat energy is produced when you burn coal,oil and natral gas

Most coal is black, or greyish black.

Any type of coal can be used for generating electricity. In the Victorian state of Australia they burn black coal. In South Australia they burn brown coal and in some places peat is burnt. When peat is compressed for thousands of years it turns into coal.

"Black as coal" is a simile.

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