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CM during ovulation only lasts three days and looks like egg-whites. CM caused by being pregnant increases in quantity and looks like a mixture of ovulation discharge and natural vaginal discharge. Just lots more of it.

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Q: How is cervical mucus while ovulating different from when pregnancy is achieved?
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Why is there cervical mucus in the toilet after you urinate?


Can pregnancy cause cervical cancer?

Pregnancy won't cause cervical cancer.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you have cervical mucus that is cloudy and watery and sometimes a little thicker?

Creamy cervical mucus (called leukorrhea) may be a pregnancy symptom. However, if the cervical mucus is more watery, this may be a sign that your period is coming as watery cervical mucus may indicate the breakdown of the corpus luteum -- the body left on the ovary after the release of the egg. The breakdown of the corpus luteum happens if pregnancy has not been achieved.

Can you ovulate and not have cervical mucus?

Usually women have egg white cervical mucus when they are ovulating. However, some women have depict that not all can have symptoms of ovulation. Some even recount that they are not having any kind of cervical mucus when they are ovulating. So it is possible not to have cervical mucus and ovulate at the same time.

What are the cervical mucus changes in pregnancy?

Cervical mucus changes vary from not only woman to woman but also pregnancy to pregnancy. A woman can have one pregnancy where she has a ton of extra cervical discharge and then another pregnancy where she has absolutely none. Typically cervical mucus in pregnancy dries up somewhat but it is not uncommon for a woman to have a lotion-like cervical mucus during her pregnancy or somewhere in between the dry and lotion-like consistencies. There is no one cervical mucus that can determine pregnancy.

Could you be pregnant if you are 2 weeks late for your period and you have ovulating signs?

Yes you could be pregnant. Increased cervical mucus is a pregnancy sign its also a sign of a thrush infection or ovualtion.

How do you find out when your ovulating?

One way to know that you are ovulating is by examining your cervical mucus. The closer you are to ovulating, your cervical mucus will change from creamy look and texture to a transparent and sticky one. Another way to know your ovulation is to chart your basal body temperature. if you're ovulating, your body heat level will increase because the level of progesterone in your body rises.

Do your cervical mucus dry up at 7 weeks of pregnancy?

Cervical mucus should not dry up during pregnancy.

After how long does cervical mucus increase if pregnancy is achieved?

I had it at about 5 or 6 weeks into my pregnancy. It was quite a bit and I remember thinking that I was getting my period but obviously i did not. I was indeed pregnant with a little girl born June 25th 2006.

Do you have cervical mucus after ovulation?

After ovulation your cervical mucus will be light and sticky. If you are ovulating, it will look clear, slippery and has a consistency similar that of a raw egg white.

How can you be sure you're ovulating?

Besides a ovulation test, the other ways that you can tell you are ovulating is by taking your BBT (Basal Body Temprature) first thing in the morning with a digital or BBT thermometer, checking your cervical mucus for changes..When you are ovulating you usually have watery to eggwhite cervical mucus, and last but not least checking your cervix. If it is soft, high, open, wet..SHOW..that is a good indication that you are ovulating..

Can antibiotics decrease cervical fluid during pregnancy?

No, it cannot decrease cervical fluid

What does cervical mucous have to do with pregnancy information?

Cervical mucous is related to pregnancy information as it works as one of the primary indicators to tell oneself as to whether or not they are pregnant or not.

Can you be pregnant and have cervical cancer?

Yes. Pregnancy has nothing to do with cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is caused by a viral infection left untreated.

Its day eleven of your cycle your cervical mucous is clear and stretchy with small traces of blood can you be ovulating?


How do you kw if your ovulating if your periods aren't 28 days apart?

Menstruation occurs two weeks before menstruation - if you're menstruating then you are ovulating. The only way to accurately determine when you are ovulating or fertile would be to use fertility awareness method, this is where you track your fertility daily by keeping track of cervical mucus, cervical position, and basal body temperature every day.

Are you pregnant if the cervical mucous has blood spots?

You could be, but it's more likely that you're just ovulating. Many women notice blood in with the cervical mucous during ovulation

Is it safe to be pregnant and have cervical erosion?

Your cervical erosion can be very well managed by your gynecologist during pregnancy.

What is the most common invasive cancer in pregnancy?


Will cervical mucus stop in pregnancy?

Not right away.

What color will cervical mucus be in early pregnancy?


Can cervical cancer give false pregnancy result?


Is stringy stretchy cervical mucus a sign of pregnancy?


Is increased cervical mucus an early pregnancy sign?

yes, but everyone is different i had i would go see a doctor just in case.

Is the bleeding different in a period during pregnancy?

You probably won't have a period during pregnancy. It will more than likely by implantion bleeding, a cervical change that causes vaginal bleeding or a miscarriage.