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How is freon charged?


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Buy a kit at Wal-Mart or auto parts - comes with instructions


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its low on freon have it charged

I just had 2 pounds of Freon added to my central A/C and was charged $30 a pound.

BY "freon" do you mean R-12? If so then the answer is no. The system uses 134A refridgerant and does not need to be converted.

Charged on the low side service port. If you connect a small can of Freon to the high side with the system on, the can may explode from the high pressure introduced into it.....

It came from the factory charged with R12 Freon. As this refrigerant is extremely expensive and hard to find, I suggest you convert it over to R134 Refrigerant.

Charged on the low side service port. If you connect a small can of Freon to the high side with the system on, the can may explode from the high pressure introduced into it.....

Air conditioning system has a Freon capacity of five pounds. Most air conditioning recharge kits will tell you when the system is completely charged.

This is an indication that either the a/c system is over charged or the cooling fan is not working.......

To know when an air conditioning unit (non-window unit) needs to be charged (needs freon), it will not cool properly or you can test it with the appropriate gauges (see related link below).

Your 1999 Nissan Ultima air conditioning system needs to be charged with Freon, from time to time. A Freon recharge kit can be purchased at most auto-parts stores.

Through visual inspection on the sight glass of the drier : a. showing some white bubbles indicate low freon charge. b. clear or smooth flow indicate fully charged

yes if the compreser is cycling on and off it could mean that you don't have enough freon

Not evacuated totally or properly prior to charging? Not charged properly - too much freon Oil not added when charged? Defective compressors?

You are only being overcharged if they said, in writing, that it would cost less. You disagreeing with the bill does not mean they overcharged you and they are allowed to charge you whatever they feel is appropriate for the Freon-22.

It contains no Freon. Freon or R12 has been banned for years and is no longer used as a refrigrant. It more than likely is charged with R-134a. If it needs recharging then it has a leak and the leak needs to be repaired. It is illegal to recharge an A/C system without first repaiing the leak. Take it to a professional.

If its been recently charged there maybe moisture in the system.

Fully charged? Bad pressure switch on accumulator/drier? Blow fuse?

You've lost enough freon so that the pressure safety switch will not let the compressor stay on. Just need to add a can of freon.

It contains no Freon and instead contains R134a refrigerant. It is illegal to add refrigerant to any system with a leak until that leak is repaired. Take your car to a professional and have the leak repaired and the system charged.

Is r-22 Freon compatible with r-134a freon?

most likely low on freon. while driving the ac compressor spins faster so it might cool better with low freon at higher engine rpm. have your system charged and checked for leaks.

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