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theres a lot of ways but mostly by finger printing or by computer scanning

printing is important so we can print worksheets

Your mom has uses of genetic engeineering today dick :D

The modern printing industry, as we know it today, was started around 1540 by William Caxton.

Printing shops typically have a printing press of some sort--today, these are typically digital. You can have posters and other large printed materials produced at your local printing shop.

They are still printing today!

In predicting the genetic disorders and in genetic improvement in plants and domestic animals

Not very fast,Old,and is not used today

Today, however, there are still no genetic tests available for prostate cancer.

They used to be printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Before that, and today, the printing is contracted out to private printing companies. There are strict controls in place to keep security tight.

The printing press effected the entire nation with its news and has developed into high tech presses that are used today. The printing press allowed people in different areas to be informed on what was going on.

many genetic disorders cant be treated and the best thing to do is see a genetic councelor or do one of the many things you love to do. but, also some are treatable

it is important because in Renaissance there were new inventions like printing press and telescope which is helpful for us today.

The fastest page printing rate of any home copier model today is 25 ages per minute. You can read more at

yes they are i used one in the morning

today doctors use tools such as amniocentesis and karyotypes to help detect genetic disorder.

It was the start of the of Type writers which lets us have computers today

a printing press which is now called a printer

Guttenberg in Worms Germany. You can still see it there today.

John C. Tarr has written: 'Printing today'

Johann Gutenberg created printing by movable type.

# The art of making paper. # The art of printing. # Gunpowder. # The compass.

It seems to me that it is a reference to a bye-gone era when printing presses used by newspapers and such were operated by manually laying the letters out before the printing began. I think the same term applies today to preparing a text for printing using a computer. The term as used today refers to the preparation of text and includes making informed choices of typeface, point size and leading to enhance the readability and message.

I touched an oscilloscope to my finger today and it registered exactly 60 Hz