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Assuming that you have good nutrition, which includes plenty of protein, your maximum height is genetically determined. There's nothing you can do to become taller.


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Is it possible to increase height after 23 years of age?

just belive jesus christ .. you will increase your height

Is possible to increase height after 25?

Yes it is.

Is it possible for a teenager to increase height if yes how?

Yes, it's possible vary by the teenagers parents' height.

Is it possible to increase height after age of 25 years?

Get stilts

How can you increase your height you m 18 now 5 feet 5 inches of height you want to increase till 5 10 is that possible?

Increase height websites are often scams and people lose hundreds of dollars.

Is it possible to increase height after 18 years of age?

Apart from surgical intervention, it is not usually possible to increase height after puberty. For more information about increasing height, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Is it possible to increase height after twenty five years of age?

It is possible..... but it's also very rare and unlikely.

Is it possible to increase the height after 25 years age?

Possible yes probable no. Highly unusual after 18/19

Is it possible to increase one's height?

It is only possible to increase one's height if there was a medical condition inhibiting growth in the first place or a person has not finished growing. There are also rumoured surgical procedures to help lengthen a persons legs.

Is it possible for girls to increase height after age of 23?

No, there are no known ways for either men or women to increase their height after the age of 23. You might want to try a higher heel :)

Is increase in height possible in sixteen year boy after developing facial hair?


Is there any homeopathic medicines to height increase at age24?

At this age, homeopathy can't help in increasing heightAfter 18-21 years almost closed to increase your height. even homeopathic treatment also not useful, dont believe tv ads its possible to increase its false. -venumssi

Is it possible to increase height at 24 year?

Growth of bones can be maintain normally at the age of 25 Yrs.. not later it. Brisk walking, running, calcium diet, Skim Milk can help you to increase your height.

Can height increase after 16 in girls?

tips for increase height in girls

Can dr ayurveda increase the height?

dr ayurveda increase height

Can speed height capsules increase your height?

Capsules for height will show side-effects on your body. You can increase your height naturally.

How do you increase height by 5 inch after 22 years without surgery?

A chiropractor can sometimes increase your height by about two inches by 'stretching' your spine, if you were 5 inches taller in your youth, it might be possible to get an even greater result

Is it possible to increase your height?

No, it comes naturally. When you are going through puberty, you will start to grow if you haven't already started.

Will height increase if you lose weight?

Yes you can increase height,but not alot You can increase like 1/2 an inch

Exercises to increase your current height?

There are no exercises to increase height, that has to do with genetics which we are stuck with.

How can i increase my height i m 21 now and 5feet 6 inches of height I want to increase till 5 10 is that possible?

s by hanging u can grow in 3months u vll c d result in 45days

Does atmospheric pressure increase or decrease with height?

atmospheric pressure deacreases with increase with height

Which Games are good to increase height?

basket ball is a game which can increase ur height !!

How i can increase my height?

There is no way to increase ones height. A person will grow until they are out of puberty.

Does pull ups increase height?

No. Pull ups does not increase height, but eating milk, yogurt, cheese, and boiled chicken makes you look taller and increase your height.