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Because cytotec is known to cause abortions and that is why it should not be taken by pregnant women. But if you took it wanting to abort the child and if you are still pregnant then it may be meant to be. If you don't want the child you can give it up for adoption. Good luck and God Bless:)

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Why are you still see traces of blood for four weeks after taking cytotec?

Cytotec can result in irregular menstruation so it is possible that blood may be seen for some time after taking it. However, patient information advises that a doctor should be consulted if this or other side effects are noticed.

Can caffeine give a negative blood pregnancy test result?

A pregnancy test does no detect caffeine.

What's wrong if you took 4 cytotec pills on Thursday and menstruated for about 4 hours and on Sunday you noticed another small drop of blood but a pregnancy test is still positive?

Small drop of blood is nothing to worry about. Its possibly hormonal or pregnancy related. Pregnancy tests will remain positive for over 5 days after the pregnancy has ended. Sometimes upto 2 weeks.

Is it normal to see 2 to 3 spoons of blood after taking 8 tablets of cytotec?

Well is it normal to take 8 tablets of cytotec?

Will blood test help to know about the pregnancy result?

Yes the immunoassay test which can detect pregnancy as early as 10 days.\

What does a false pregnancy blood test mean?

Perhaps you are having signs and symptoms of pregnancy but the blood test is showing that you are not pregnant. Why not ask the person who gave you the test and result?

Use home pregnancy test and the result are positive but the blood test result is negative am i pregnant?

i would try another home test to be sure. the hormones that are used to identify pregnancy can be found sooner in the blood than in the urine.

Can you still be pregnant if your blood test comes out negative?

If the blood test is done too early in the pregnancy, the pregnancy won't be detected. If the blood test was done by a doctor, then he/she knows to do it and obtain an accurate result.

What does 10 percent positive on a blood pregnancy test mean?

You read the results wrong. Blood pregnancy tests aren't reported in percentages. Take a look at the result again.

How long will it take to result of pregncy blood test?

It will normally take one or two days to get the result of a pregnancy blood test. This test will be carried out at your doctor's surgery.

What is rhoGAM?

Rhogam is a shot that some women have to get during pregnancy. The reason for this is because their body will reject the baby due to the mother and father being conflicting blood types.

Positive pregnancy result 5 days later bleeding and negative result week later yolk like mucus could you be ovulating again so soon?

You need to confirm the positive pregnancy test result with your Doctor. See your Doctor for a pregnancy blood test. Pregnancy does cause a increase in vaginal discharge.

Can a positive outcome for a blood test result ever be wrong?

Hello. A positive pregnancy blood test is never wrong. Congratulations.

Is it possible that because of blood spotting your pregnancy test result negative?

If blood touches the test strip it can affect the outcome of the test.

Can a blood pregnancy test give a false positive result?

there is always an error factor but with a blood test you can be pretty sure its correct.

Why would a pregnancy test not give you either answer?

A pregnancy test can only give you "a negative result" (probably not pregnant) or "a positive result" which indicates the likelihood of pregnancy. Only a blood test or physical examination can confirm a positive result (definitely pregnant). There are some conditions which have pregnancy symptoms, and very rare conditions under which pregnancy is not immediately detectable after fetal development begins.

What if you are spotting blood and your stomach feels bigger?

it is quite likely that if you are spotting blood and your stomach feels bigger then you are pregnant. spotting blood is often a sypmtom of early pregnancy. if your stomach feels bigger, it could be the result of numerous things such as bloating, weight gain or pregnancy. if this is happening to you then i highly suggest you do a pregnancy test.

If your blood pregnancy test is negative are there any chances that you to get pregnant?

Hello - There are two types of blood pregnancy test. * Qualiative Beta Hcg. * Quantitative Beta Hcg. The Quantitative Beta Hcg pregnancy blood test is the most accurate blood test availble for determining and confirming pregnancy. It works by measuring the exact amount of Hcg present in the Womans blood. If your Hcg level is 5 and over then this is deemed a positive result. The Qualiative Beta Hcg pregnancy blood test is very similar to the Quantitative blood test but not as accurate during early pregnancy. The Qualiative is very similar to a urine pregnancy test and it only looks for a certain level or amount of Hcg in your blood and because of this, it is possible to mis-diagnose early pregnancy. For example the Qualiative will deem a Woman pregnant is she has 50mml of Hcg in her blood but if the Woman only had 48mml of Hcg in her blood then this test would declare a negative result when in fact she would be pregnant. Any Hcg result over 5 is a positive. Always go for the Quantitative. If you did have the Quantitative then unfortunately you are not pregnant hun. Otherwise see your doctor for a repeat test with the Quantitative. ~ T

What is a early hcg beta test result?

A beta hcg is a blood test given in early pregnancy to measure the quantity or amount of hcg, the pregnancy hormone. This test can be done as early as a week after ovulation, even before a positive hpt. The result or number of hcg detected will vary from woman to woman and pregnancy to pregnancy.

Can Urinary track infection causes fake positive result of pregnancy blood test?

No, UTI does not cause a false positive pregnancy test. Pregnancy tests are very specific to hCG (the pregnancy hormone), if the test reads positive you are pregnant.

What can give a false result on a pregnancy test?

Ovarian cysts can cause a false negative result. In the case a woman knows she has cysts or PCOS, and believes herself to be pregnant despite a negative result on a home pregnancy test, scheduling a blood test with her practitioner would be advised.

How long does it take to get a result from a blood test for a pregnancy?

If you are pregnant it will show up on a blood test even faster then the at home testing method. HCG levels are easier to read from your blood levels.

If you've ovulated how long before you can test for pregnancy?

Hi, Your question is: If you've ovulated how long before you can test for pregnancy? You can generally test for pregnancy 10-14 days after unprotected sex but testing during this time frame may result in a inaccurate result. Because of this it's always advisable to wait until your period is due and perform a urine pregnancy test if it fails to arrive or alternatively test for pregnancy 3 - 4 weeks after you last had unprotected sex for a more accurate result. Another option availble to you is a blood test which will measure the amount of HCG in your blood. This blood test can be performed as early as 7 days after unprotected sex and it is the most accurate and the most earliest pregnancy testing method availble today. The test you need is the Quantitative beta HCG pregnancy blood test. You will need to ask your Doctor specifically for this blood test so write down the name of it.

What causes leukocytosis?

Leukocytosis is an above normal count of white blood cells in the blood stream. This can be the result of various diseases, allergies, infections, stress, pregnancy, or anesthesia.

What is the condition called with the problems to the fetus due to the mother smoking during pregnancy?

If you smoke during pregnancy will result to intrauterine retarded growth because nicotine can constrict blood vessel.