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it is quite likely that if you are spotting blood and your stomach feels bigger then you are pregnant. spotting blood is often a sypmtom of early pregnancy. if your stomach feels bigger, it could be the result of numerous things such as bloating, weight gain or pregnancy. if this is happening to you then i highly suggest you do a pregnancy test.

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Q: What if you are spotting blood and your stomach feels bigger?
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I had my tubes burnt and lately my breast hurt my stomach is bigger and feels tight am I pregnant?

It would be a good idear to take the test.

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weird?

Could you be pregnant if your stomach feels weid after having unprotected sex.

You kind of feel sick but your stomach feels weird like it has flutters?

i kind of feel sick. but my stomach feels weird like it has flutters

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When pushing on stomach it feels tender?


If your stomach feels tight does that mean you are pregnant?


What does it mean when your stomach feels funny?

you probably either have butterflys in your stomach or your not feeling well.

Could you be pregnant if you have been spotting but it only sHow is when you wipe and your stomach feels tight?

Yes you could be, or you could be having a medical problem or it could be nothing. Take a pregnancy test and then talk to your ob/gyn regardless if its positive or not.

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What does it mean if your stomach feels hard?

There could be many reasons why your stomach feels hard. You could have gas or be constipated. A doctor will need to see you to make a correct diagnosis.

Can you have cramps and bleeding during implantation?

Hi, Yes you can. Implantation cramping is very common and usually feels like period cramping. Implantation bleeding (IB) occurs 8-12 days after unprotected sex and not every woman experiences IB. Signs of IB are: * Light bleeding that lasts a few hours to 2-3 days. * Pinkish/brownish or reddish vaginal discharge. * Spotting of blood. * Spotting of blood that does not require a pad or tampon. * Spotting that is pinkish in colour. * Spotting that is brown in colour. * Light bleeding that is either pink or brown in colour and sometimes red.

My stomach feels different does this mean I am pregnant?

Probably not

What happens when you stomach feels hot?


How does it feel when you have 'butterflies' in your stomach?

when u get butterflies in your stomach, it feels ticklish. It mostly happens when your anxious, nervous, or excited.

Is it painful when you have a miscarriage?

It feels like VERY BAD cramps For me, it felt like something twisting and turning inside my stomach. I felt so sick- and I woke up covered in blood.

If your girlfriend feels bad from the stomach and shes not pregnant what is it?

she is probably on her period

Are your pregnant if your bottom stomach feels funny?

Not necessarily but there could be a chance.

My stomach feels heavy and i feel nausea could i be pregnant?

you could

If stomach ache can kill?

Nobody not even one person in this world ever died from a stomach ache but it feels like it though.

How many months pregnant are you if your stomach feels hard?

your stomach will feel hard when yu are atleast one month and a half pregnant.

You have not got your period your stomch hurts and it feels bigger?

You could be pregnant.

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You could be tired or dehydrated.