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Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being, not divine and not a prophet.

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Jesus plays no role whatsoever in Judaism. He is just a figure from a different religion from the Jewish perspective.

As follows: Jesus was born a Jew, and left Judaism to found a different religion.See also the Related Link.Why didn't the Jews accept Jesus?

Extremely different. It is one of the big differences between the two religions. In Christianity, Jesus is the Messiah, the savior. From the Jewish perspective, Jesus may or may not have lived but at most, he would have been a false prophet. Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism.

Jesus has no particular role in Judaism.

Christianity believes that Jesus Christ is the promised messiah. Judaism is still waiting for the promised messiah.

None. Judaism remained unchanged, and Jesus was the start of a different religion.

In Tagalog: Jesus = Jesus (pronounced similar to Spanish). Judaism = hudaismo

Jesus has no relevance whatsoever in Judaism, just as Buddha has no relevence in Christianity. Simply put, Jesus is outside the scope of Judaism.

Judaism doesn't say anything about Jesus. Jesus plays absolutely no role in Judaism.

In Judaism Jesus did not fulfill the requirements of a Messiah. Also, Judaism rejects the idea that God would have a son or God would make himself into flesh. Judaism sees Jesus as a person who broke the laws of the Torah. The early Jews saw the worship of Jesus as polytheistic and idol worship. Judaism also does not have a concept of eternal damnation.

No, Jesus was not a prophet according to Jews. Judaism doesn't discuss Jesus at all.

Judaism makes no comment on Jesus as he is a part of Christianity and plays no role in Judaism.

None. "Jews for Jesus" are Christians.

Christianity stems from Judaism. Jesus was Jewish. And Christians worship Jesus.

Christian answer:God's Word became invalid because of their unscriptural traditions. (Matthew 15:1-11; Acts 23:6-9) These traditions enslaved the Jews and made it difficult for many to accept Jesus Christ. (Colossians 2:8) Jewish answer:The Jewish view is that, on the contrary, Jesus left Judaism and the Jews, by founding a different religion.

No. Reform Judaism does not believe in Jesus. Individual Jews have varying opinions about Jesus, but he is not part of the religion at all.

JudaismImprovement: Jesus Experienced The Religion Judaism When He WasGrowing Up !

No. Jews worship One God, who created the universe. Jesus is not part of Judaism.

Christianity says Jesus is the Messiah, Judaism is still waiting for the Messiah. Also, Judaism believes that Jesus was a regular human being.

Jesus of Nazareth invented the very popular religion, Christianity. Jews believe in Judaism and Catholics believe in Catholicism. Judaism is the religion that Jews celebrate. It is different from Christianity and Catholicism because they think that Jesus wasn't the Messiah and that he or she will come any day now. Catholicism is different from Christianity and Judaism because they believe in and worship the Virgin Mary.

Judaism does not accept that Jesus was a prophet.

No. Kabbalah consists of those mystical texts, and tradition, which are found in Judaism, and Judaism holds that Jesus was a regular human being. See also:What does Judaism say about Jesus?

No, not according to "what Jesus said""Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them [Matthew 5:17].

1) It was the first2) It doesn't accept Jesus or Mohammed as prophets

Judaism has a lot of dietary restrictions, many Laws that must be strictly kept, including circumcision for males, and various holy days. Much of this was handed down by God to the Israelites. Orthodox Judaism also doesn't recognize Jesus as the Messiah. Jewish Law teaches ongoing atonement for sin through various means.Messianic Judaism follows the same Laws and restrictions as Judaism except they recognize Jesus as the Messiah.Christianity follows the ministry and teachings of Jesus. It recognizes Jesus as the Messiah, the Son of God (God in human form), it abolishes the dietary restrictions of Judaism and many of the Laws and limits that mankind had added to the Jewish law over the years. Christianity teaches salvation and forgiveness of sins through belief in Jesus and repentance.Christianity comes from Judaism as Jesus was Jewish. Christianity then is the "evolution" of Judaism after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.