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The question you've posed is quite vague. Carnival is a cruise line and a trip to the Bahamas can vary by season. Soooo, the best advice would be for you to do some homework and select the itinerary and ship that suits you. Then visit an amazing website '' where you can read unbiased reviews from cruisers just like yourself and get their feedback on everything from food, service, cleanliness, activities, embarkation and more. You can even look for reviews from people who cruised around the same time you're planning to see more variables like weather and ports of call! After your cruise, why not contribute a review of your own to share with the world? Happy Sailing! On the "Love Boat" as seen in the popular TV series, the seven day cruise takes you to four locations, the Bahamas being one. Carnival owns a beach there where you will stop for the day. On the long white sand beach (the sand was shipped in I am told), there are tents for shade, chairs along the beach, a bandstand, and a place to grill out. The water is crystal clear giving excellent visibility for snorkling so bring your fins. You will never come in contact with anyone from the Bahamas as the beach is private, fenced, and the perimeter is walked by uniformed men with large guns and dogs. All of this is hidden with beautiful foliage. Well it depends what cruise you want to go on exactly. I went on the four day cruise to Bahamas. The first day you're sailing and you getting used to the boat. The next day you arrive at Nassau Bahamas, Approxitmately 8:00 am. You can get off the boat whenever you want but you must be back on the boat by 6:30 am the next mornig. On the third day you stay out in the ocean and there are parties and different events you can attend. On the fourth day you arrive back to Florida or wherver the dock is, at 8:00 am. The food is actually very good and the boat is clean. Room service does a great job also. Overall I loved the cruise and thought it was worth every cent. I hope this answers your question!You can also visit some blogs you can find in Google about all of those who had experience with the cruise on that place.

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Q: How is the Carnival cruise to the Bahamas?
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What cruise line is offering the best cruise deal to the Bahamas?

The cruise line that is offering the best deals to the Bahamas is the Carnival Cruise Line, in the Carnival Fantasy. The current price is around $400.

What cruise companies cruise to Bahamas?

There are some cruise companies that cruise to Bahamas. They include the Royal Caribbean Cruises, Carnival Cruises, as well as Norwegian Cruise Line, etc.

Best cruise lines to Bahamas?

They would be: Norwegian Cruise Line Carnival or Celebrity.

Which cruise lines offer cruises to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas is a very popluar cruise destination. Cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Discovery Cruise Line, and Disney Cruise Line all offer cruises to the Bahamas.

Where can one book a cruise in the Bahamas through the company Carnival?

The best way to book a cruise in the Bahamas via the company Carnival, would be to via their website, or visit your local travel agent and ask specifically for the company Carnival.

Do you need a passport for a carnival cruise to the Bahamas?

Basically yes, to get on AND off the cruise ship you need a passport.

Where could one book a Carnival Cruise?

Carnival cruises can be booked at popular websites such as Carnival Cruise Lines, Travelocity, and Expedia. Popular locations are the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda Triangle.

Do you Need A Passport For A Carnival Cruise halfmoon cay and nassuas?

yes you do need a passport throghout the cruise, especially to get out of the Bahamas visitor center,but when you go back on the cruise they will give you a carnival card.

Do Carnival cruise vacations have activities for singles?

Carnival cruises offers many cruises for singles. Some of them offered include a cruise from Miami, a cruise to the Bahamas, a cruise to the Western Carribean, and a cruise to Europe. To find out more about these cruises go to

Where can I find more information on bahamas cruises?

There are two ways you can look for a cruise to the Bahamas. One is to look up specific cruise lines that go to the Bahamas, such as Carnival and Discovery Cruise Lines. A website that claims to offer discounts on cruises to the Bahamas is at:

Where can a cruise to the Bahamas be booked?

Several cruise lines offer cruises to Bahamas, and the trips can be book directly through each cruise line. Travel sites such as Travelocity also offer the option to book a cruise directly through their website. Carnival, Celebration, and MSC Bahamas all offer cruises through the Bahamas.

Through which companies can I book a Bahamas cruise from?

One can book a Bahamas cruise by visiting travel agents in the High Street or by booking online. Some of the websites where one can book this type of cruise are Expedia, Travelocity and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Where do carnival Glory cruise ship sail to?

Carnival Glory cruise ship sails to the Bahamas, New England, Canada, Eastern Caribbean, and Western Caribbean. The cruise ship was launched in 2004. It is one of the "Fun Ships".

What exotic destinations are offered by Carnival cruise lines?

Carnival Cruise lines is one of the famous / well known cruise liner.This Cruise liner offers various exotic locations such as Alaska, Bahamas Bermuda,Caribbean, Hawaii and Panama Canal.

What kind of ship is Carnival Fascination?

Carnival Fascination is by definition a Carnival Cruise Ship. She entered service in 1994 and sails to the Bahamas from Jacksonville, Florida year round.

Which cruise line is the best to take to the Bahamas?

Cruise lines vary on the person. Carnival cruise lines are saidd to be a top choice but research each cruise line to ensure it accomodates your specific needs

Where is the best place to cruise in April?

The best thing to do in April is what I just did. I went on the Carnival Sensation to Nassau in the Bahamas.

What is carnival triumph?

Carnival Triumph is a cruise ship that first started in 1999. It sails from New Orleans to the Caribbean and the Bahamas. They sail anywhere from 4 to 7 voyages.

Who owns the the Carnival Fantasy cruise ship?

The Carnival Fantasy cruise ship is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, owner and operator of Carnival Cruise Lines. The word "Carnival" in the ship's name indicates its ownership.

Are there any cheap cruise vacations being offered?

Carnival Cruise Lines offers several different low prices for different cruises as follows: 1. $699 for 3 Night Bahamas Cruise. 2. $849 for 4 Night Western Caribbean Cruise. 3. $849 for 4 Night Bahamas Cruise. 4. $1,019 for 5 Night Bahamas Cruise. 5. $1,019 for 5 Night Key West & Bahamas Cruise. 6. $1,039 for 5 Night Eastern Caribbean Cruise. And many more.

Why doesn't Carnival Cruise Lines pay taxes?

Most cruise lines, including Carnival, have their ships registered under "flags of convenience". That typically means they are registered in Panama, Bermuda, the Bahamas, or some other country that does not tax the operations of international cruise ship operations.

Does Disney own carnival cruise line?

No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation

Where do Carnival Cruises sail to?

The cruise ship line Carnival Cruises sail to several destinations across the world, such as Hawaii. Similarly, Carnival Cruises also sail to ports such as Mexico, the Bahamas and Alaska, for example.

Do you need a Passport for a Carnival Cruise to the Half Moon Cay Bahamas?

I have visited the Bahamas and yes you need a passport its a different country proved by they drive on the other side of the road.

What are some good carnival cruise deals?

On the Carnival Cruise' own website, there are some very good deals available. For example, a trip to the Caribbean starts at $ 179. A trip to the Bahamas starts at $ 189 and a trip to Mexico starts at $ 239.