How is the US involved in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

The United States supports both Israel, Egypt, and Palestine. The United States is also prepared to support and aide any Arab country (like Egypt) that is willing to trade violence and antagonism for peace.

The United States support for the State of Israel is the strongest of the three comes from a variety of sources. Israel has cooperated with the United States on diplomatic issues, military and intelligence exchanges, large amounts of trade, and significant technological investment. In addition there a numerous Americans who support the State of Israel because of religious convictions on top of the already-listed reasons.

Egypt is the second-largest individual recipient of American Aid (after Israel) and this money has gone to fund the Egyptian Army primarily as well as infrastructure maintenance. Given the corruption in the Mubarak Regime, not much of this money trickled down to Egyptian commoners, but it was there. The United States maintains a strategic alliance with Egypt also on account of the Suez Canal which sees most of the Persian Gulf oil-tankers pass through.

The United States is the largest donor to UNRWA, the UN organization maintaining the Palestinian Refugee Camps, and is one of the largest donors to the Palestinian Authority, the current official government of Palestine. The United States has consistently endorsed a Roadmap to Peace with a Two-State Solution since the Oslo Accords in 1993.