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you should ask her if she would like to come to your hous. then when she is there start to kiss while watching a scary movie

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โˆ™ 2007-05-16 18:30:05
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Q: How is the best way to tell the girl that you love her while you are dating and what is the best thing to say?
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What is the best thing to do to a girl while making out?

Lick her ear

How do you get your ex boyfriend back while he's dating another girl?

Its proberly not the best thing to do but.. Go For It!!!... Just treat him nicer then she does then he will soon relise he has made a mistake!! :)

How do you kiss another girl?

same thing that you do with the girl you are dating

What would be the best thing to do if you know the girl you love is dating someone else and is showing no signs of splitting up?

Walk away.

Is Greyson Chance dating anyone?

No he is not but I wish he was dating me cuz I'm every thing he looks for in a girl. ;)

Where would you find girl dating?

go to a dating site like ehorney or zoomsk some thing like that

Why is my ex texting me while he's dating another girl?

he wants your attention. Or he wants to keep a side option in case if he lose the girl he is dating

Telling your best friend your dating a girl?

if they are your best friend they should understand

What changes when you start dating a girl?

you can't look at another girl while your with your girlfriend,(well you shouldnt)

How do you go to second base while dating a girl?

stick your finger in her pussy

Did Justin Bieber kiss another girl while dating Selena Gomez?


How do you get a girl to stop dating her boyfriend?

The thing is, you can't stop a girl dating a boyfriend becasue that's just jelousy. I advise you if you feel uncomfortable with her dating him, tell her how you feel about it. If you talk to her, she will understand. Hope it goes OK!

What is the best part about dating a homeless girl?


What to do if your best friend is dating a girl you like?

Then don't be his friend anymore.

Is miley dating both luke and nick?

no she is the best girl ever.

What do you think about friends with benefits?

It is a nice thing to have if a guy and girl are friends and they are not dating anyone.

What do you do when your guy best friend is dating your girl best friend and they break up?

support them both

Can anyone help me I'm in love with the girl I'm dating but i also like a different girl this isn't the first time i dated this girl but things are diff this time and were actually lasting?

If you two are lasting then that is a good thing! It is also good that you love her but if you are thinking about another girl while dating this one then it isn't fair to the one you're dating. Exes should always remain exes but if it's working for you guys... That's awesome!

When boy is cummited with a girl and tok about some other girl what this mean?

In this case he has fallen for another girl, while dating someone else.

How do you tell a girl you like her if she's dating your best friend?

you just do it. mmk.

How do you approach a girl you were dating but is now acting distant after you unknowingly acted obsessively?

Unfortunately she likely does not have any interest in you due to the behaviour and the best thing you could do for her is to leave her be. She is being "distant" and avoiding you for a reason and the best thing you could do is move on and let her move on with her life.

How do you have a relationship with a girl when she is already dating someone else?

It is difficult to divide her love. The best go and get your own girl.

What should a girl do with her mustache?

The best thing for a girl to do is Wax it's the best method if you can not afford to laser.

Has Taylor lautner ever kissed his ex-girlfriend while dating another girl?


Why would a girl be attracted to a guy while dating someone else?

because they were bored of what they were seing