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take for example Photography.

Pre-Digital Cameras... you had to shoot film.

Now, we can shoot and tether the data straight to a database all while still taking the photos!

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Q: How is the digital divide evident in technology?
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What is digital divide?

The digital divide refers to how much of a gap there is between people who have access to technology and those who don't, such as 3rd world countries who have very little access to technology

Basic idea of the digital divide?

The digital divide pertains to a separation between the informed and uninformed technology consumers. Those without access are also deprived of the value of good communications.

What term is used when someone without access to technology?

It is called digital Divide. This is the gap created between people used to technology and those without technology.

The discrepancy between the haves and the have nots with regard to computer technology is commonly referred to as the?

digital divide

How did the digital divide affect life in the United states?

It created a divide between those who could afford the new technology and those who could not.

What has the author E Dianne Looker written?

E. Dianne Looker has written: 'The digital divide in Canadian schools' -- subject(s): Statistics, Education, Digital divide, Data processing, Information technology

Who were a part of the digital divide?

We are a part of the digital divide

Is a digital camera technology?

If it is digital, yes it is technology.

Which technology contributes to the potential end of the digital divide netbooks cell phone wifi or Google?

cell phones

What is a digital enterprise?

Enterprise whose platform is digital technology, they use and sell digital technology.

Seminar report on digital scent technology?

digital scent technology

Why is digital technology preferred to analog technology in communications technology?

Digital technology is preferred to analogue technology because digital data can be endlessly copied, edited and transferred without any loss to the quality.

What is an example of a digital divide?

an example of a digital divide is a computer,pod,TV and more.

Does the new wii game have anything to do with digital technology?

Yes because WII is a digital technology.

What is the digital divide?

The term digital divide refers to the "gap" between those who have access to modern digital technology, and those who don't have access. It refers to the relative social status of different sections of society in the modern computer and information technology age. It refers to the gap between those with regular access to digital products, computers, and information technology and those without it. Specifically this applies to poorer sections of society, people living in remote areas away from big cities, and the large population of developing and underdeveloped countries. Most have no access to computers in education, nor other benefits of modern information technology, such as the internet.

What are the advantages of digital technology over analog technology?

Digital technology is not corrupted by noise, digital signal typically uses less bandwidth, digital signals can be encrypted,and they are less costly, easier to use, and easier to manipulate.

What is the techonlgy of telephones?

Digital technology and the satellite technology.

How does digital television make lives better?

what is digital technology

What is the definition of digital technology?

Digital technology is the design and construction of technological devices and services that transmit information in digital form. It mainly involves the use of computers.

What has the author K J Joseph written?

K. J. Joseph has written: 'Trade liberalization and digital divide' -- subject(s): Computer industry, Digital divide, Information Technology Agreement 'Growth of ICT and ICT for development' -- subject(s): Computer software industry, Economic conditions, Exports, Information technology, Telecommunication 'Structural adjustment in India' -- subject(s): Economic policy

What is digital?

digital media is any technology that gives a sence of enjoyment

Are CD's digital or analog?

CDs are created and utilize digital technology.

What is the Difference between analog technology and digital technology?

In analog technology, a wave is recorded or used in its original form. For example, when a wave from a microphone is laid directly onto a tape. In digital technology, the analog wave is sampled and converted into numbers that are stored on a digital device. A CD would be an example of digital technology as it stores 44,000 numbers for each second of music.

ISDN uses what technology?


Who is An Wang a pioneer of?

Digital technology