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It is shown by the scale in centimeters

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Q: How is the distance between two points on a road shown on the Ontario road map?
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How do you find the actual distance between two points on Earth using graphic scale?

You first measure the distance between the points as shown on the map, then you compare that measurement with the map scale.

What is the Definition of displacement in scientific terms?

" The minimum distance between two points is known as Displacement.""The vector distance between two points is known as Displacement."Displacement is a vector quantity and is shown by d.Displacment is the distance and direction of an object's change in possition from the starting point. ( i got this from my science text book but im only 13 so DONT JUDGE ME!!! thank you. ^.^)

How do you Calculate the actual distance between two places shown on a map?


Is the tide in or out on maps?

Cartographers calculate the exact distance between when the tide is in or out and that is what is shown on maps.

What is the term for the relationship between the distance on the map and actual distance on earth's surface?

The term for the relationship between the distance on the map and actual distance is the "scale"For example, the scale may be 1 inch equals 10 miles.So for every inch on the map it relates to 10 miles in the real world.The scale is usually shown in the bottom right corner of the map.

What is the distance between Chicago and India?

The flight distance from Chicago, Illinois to India is: 8,064 miles / 12,978 km The Distance between Chicango to New Delhi India is 12947 / 8047 miles and travel time is 8 hour and 11 minute as shown on flight distance section.

The potential energy diagram for a chemical reaction is shown Which intervl represents the heat of reaction?

the difference between the starting and the end points on the graph

How is the Frequency and Wavelength in sound?

The relationship between frequency and wavelength is shown by the equation: v= f (lambda) where v is velocity, f is frequency, and lambda is wavelength. The wavelenth is the distance between two analogous points in the wave (ie. two peaks, or two troughs), and the frequency is the number of wavelenths per second.

What does plain mean in social studies?

distance on earth and distance shown on a map.

Where is the part of a map tells the relationship of this distance shown on the map to the real Distance on the earth?


What part of a map tell the relationship of distance shown on a real distance on earth?

The scale bar.

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