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Q: How is the ecosystem of the High sierra Nevada range affected by the ecosystem which surrounds it?
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How was skiing affected by the sierra Nevada?

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Which is higher the Sierra Nevada or Ozark mountains?

It is Sierra Nevada.

Why is the Sierra Nevada named the Sierra Nevada?

snow-covered mountains

What part of Spain is the Sierra Nevada in?

The Sierra Nevada is in Andalucía, spain.

Where is Sierra Nevada located?

The Sierra Nevada is a mountain range located in the states of California and Nevada.

Is Sierra Nevada in California or Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are located in California, they touch the bottom southwest tip of Nevada.

Why is the sierra Nevada called sierra Nevada?

It is Spanish for Snowy Mountain Range

What is Sierra Nevada Corporation's population?

The population of Sierra Nevada Corporation is 2,000.

When was Sierra Nevada College created?

Sierra Nevada College was created in 1969.

Is Sierra Nevada a mountain in Antarctica?

No, the Sierra Nevada mountains are found in the United States, in California and in Nevada.

Does North Carolina contain The Sierra Nevada Mountains?

The Sierra Nevada mountains are located in California and Nevada

Where is the Sierra Nevada is it in the west or east?

The Sierra Nevada mountains are in the western US states of California and Nevada.

Is sierra Nevada in Nevada?

The Sierra Nevada snowy mountain rangeis a mountain range in the U.S. states of California and Nevada, between the California Central Valley and the Basin and Range Province. Sierra Nevada means snowy hill. The Nevada state has some land of the Sierra Nevada mountain.

Is the sierra Nevada mountains in Nevada?


Is the Sierra Desert in Nevada?

There technically isn't a Sierra desert. A section of the Mojave is called the "Sierra Desert" because it extends to the Sierra in Nevada.

What does En la Sierra Nevada mucho mean?

It means: A lot in the Sierra Nevada

How far from marbella to sierra Nevada?

It's about 2.5 hours from Marbella to Sierra Nevada

How tall are the sierra Nevada mountains?

The Sierra Nevada Mountains are about 15,000 feet tall.

What type of mountain is is the Sierra Nevada mountains?

The sierra Nevada mountains are block mountains

Is altitude sickness more prevalent in the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada mountains?

sierra Nevada

Where are the sierra Nevada mountains located?

California and Nevada

Where are the Sierra Morena and Sierra Nevada located?


Where is the sierra mountains located and how do they form?

The Sierra Mountains are located in California and Nevada. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range was formed by 2 colliding plate boundaries that collided and formed the Sierra Nevada Mountain.

What mountain range separates california and Nevada?

The Sierra Nevadas.The Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Mountain range in California with spanish name?

Sierra Nevada mountains Sierra Nevada mountains