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How is the job market for computer programmers?

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It is really good, the average money you can get per hour is about 30 dollars an hour and that is about 70,000 dollars a year. So it looks really good for a job ladofwar

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Who built wick answers?

Computer programmers with a foundation for knowledge building and market sites.

Are computer programmers and video game programmers the same?

All video game programmers are computer programmers, but the reverse is not true.

What are the duties of computer programmers?

Computer programmers write, test, and maintain programs.

How much money does computer programmers?

computer programmers make from $50,000 to $10,000per year

Are computer programmers at risk of injury and illness in the workplace?

Computer programmers can get carpal tunnel syndrome if they are not careful.

What is a good marketing site for computer programmers?

A good and great website which involves marketing for computer programmers would be surge forward. Simply google it and it will show varieties of things to help computer programmers.

Why do computer programmers use math?

Computer programmers use math because math is a universal language. Many programmers are able to understand code when it is using numbers.

What job can you get with an associates degree in computer science?

Having a degree can help a person obtain a better job and make better money. Jobs available for a person with an associates degree in computer science are computer programmers, system analyst, and computer support specialist.

Is computer programming interesting?

To programmers, yes. To non-programmers, not so much.

Causes of computer viruses?


Do computer programmers travel?


What problems do programmers have when building a computer?

Programmers DO NOT build computers, they write software for computers.

How is math used for computer programmers?

math is used for computer programmers to help the decode and translate languages such as binairy,hex, or octal.

Where do computer viruses originate?

malicious programmers

What are promotion opportunities for computer programmers?

Programmers Leader Programmer Analyst Systems Analyst Software Engineer

How much does a computer programmer with an associate's degree make a year?

According to 2008 Labor Market Statistics by the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation, the starting annual salary for computer programmers in our area is about $39,000

What is a computer programmers salary?

The Average Annual Wage of a computer programmer is $73,470.

How often do computer programmers get carpal tunnel?


How is a computer programmers day like?

At work, a computer programmer programs or creates codes.

Who designing and creating computer programs?

These amazing people are called computer programmers! :P

Do computer programmers have a set schedule or viable hours?

Depending the on the company a computer programmer works for, hours could be set or variable. Some computer programmers have their own businesses. That way, they can set their own hours.

What has the author Duncan Mathison written?

Duncan Mathison has written: 'Unlock the hidden job market' 'Unlock the hidden job market' -- subject(s): Computer network resources, Job hunting, Employment interviewing

How was a team of women vital to the successof the ENIAC computer?

they were the programmers

Can you give me a sample of application letter for computer programmers?


Two examples of computer professionals?

Programmers. Network Managers.