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Q: How is the use of the word masque in The Masque of the Red Death ironic?
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What does the word 'hale' mean in the masque of the red death?


How do I use the word masque in a sentence?

The central event in this story takes place at a masque in an abbey.

At what time in the morning was Juliet to contact Romeo after the masque?

9 am the nurse will send word to Romeo

What page is the word masque found on in the play romeo and Juliet?

It changes depending on what book copy you have, on my publication it will be most likely on a different page than the publication that you have

French word for mask?

Masque. It's part of the the root word 'masquerade' as in a masquerade party where people where fancy often feathred masks. Thanks Mardi Gras. Hope that helps, ~Kit

Where does the word mask come from?

It comes from the French word masque, which is in turn from the Italian maschera, coming from Medieval Latin masca. Masca meant "disguise" or "mask" and also "witch" or "spectre."Mask is also related to mascara.

How would you paraphrase the first two lines in Because I could not stop for Death in a way that it emphasizes their irony and What word in line two tells you that the tone is ironic?

Even though she was not ready for death he kindly stopped for her. The word "kindly" tells us the tone is ironic.

What is another word for ironic?

Another word for Ironic would be Coincidental.

What is the root word for ironic?


Root word of ironic?


What is the opposite word of coincidental?

ironic purposeful

What does ironic means in Tagalog?

The Tagalog word for "ironic" is "pilosopo." It is often used to describe situations or statements that are contrary to what is expected or intended.