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Q: How is the word voodoo used in the book The Cay?
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What does schottegat mean?

It is a word used in The Cay (book).

In the book The Cay how do you pronounce the word Cay?


Define Koenoekoe as used in the book Cay?

th countryside

What is the Rising Action of the book The Cay?

what is the rising action of the book in the cay

Who is the protagonist of the book The Cay?

The protagonist od the book The Cay is Phillip.

What is the setting in the book The Cay?

The setting of the Cay book is in Curacao 1942 in the Caribbean.

Who is hnnha in the book The Cay?

Hannha raise timothy in the book called the cay.

What is an alliteration from the book The Cay?

what is the best paragraph in the cay

From the book The Cay how did the Cay look?

From the book it saidthat the cay was u-shaped. About half a mile wide and 1.5 miles long.

Map of the cay in the book the cay?

when they were in a island and Phillip was blind

What is the resolution in the book "The Cay"?

the resolution of the bookthey cay is 720.

What is Phillips address in The Cay book?

his address in they cay doesnt say

How long was phillip on The Cay-the book is The Cay?

Around 11 months

How long was Phillip stranded on The Cay in the book The Cay?

10 months

What does The Cay look like in the book The Cay by Theodore Taylor?

The Cay looks like a small low island.

What causes phillip to go bling in The Cay?

What day did Phillip from the book The Cay

Where does the book The Cay take place?

in Willemstad Curacao and on the USS hato and on the cay

What is a cay from the book the cay?

It's just an island where Timothy and Phillip live in.

Was The Cay a popular book?

not really

What is a simile in the book The Cay?


The Cay by Theodore Taylor?

It is a book.

What was the name of The Cay in the book?


Is there a movie to the book The Cay?


Who wrote The Cay?

Theodore Taylor!!!!!!!! i love that book!!!!!Theodore Taylor is the author of the cay.

What words could be used to describe Phillip so far in the book The Cay?

I think it is hopeful.