Voodoo and Santeria

Voodoo or more correctly Voudon is a Spiritual path derived from African polytheism and ancestor worship, blended with Christianity. Santeria A spiritual path that is outwardly similar to Voudon with its origins in Cuba, and leaning heavily on the inclusion of Christian Saints.

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Voodoo and Santeria

How old is santeria?

the Santeria religion itself its about 400 years old. the Yoruba religion from which the Santeria religion evolved its about 3 to 4 thousand years old. IMO the Yoruba religion evolved from the old Egyptian and Canaanite religions of the old testament times.some of the oricha migth be old Egyptian and Canaan gods with different names. for example yemaya is related to Isis of egypt.chango maybe related to Moloch the Canaan god.

Voodoo and Santeria

What does good juju mean?

It means 'good luck', or 'good energy'.

Voodoo and Santeria

Where can you hire a voodoo witch doctor?

Some Houngan and Mambo can be contacted for assistance depending on your area and your need. A web search may supply you with results. I cannot be of more assistance unless I am aware of your area.

Voodoo and Santeria

Can voodoo dolls haunt you?

that depends...have you made any voodoo dolls recently?

Voodoo and Santeria

How did santeria reinvent the orisha?

The word "Santeria" is in reference to Catholic Saints, which are not associated with the Orisha in West Africa. Yangi stone was not available in the new world, so Eshu started being made out of cement filled with items; the praise name Elegbarra became "Elleggua" in Santeria. The river Orisha Yemoja (which means "Mother of the Fishes") became Yemaya, Orisha of all the surface of the ocean. Oshun became Orisha of all the rivers. Both Irunmole and Orisha were called Orisha. There are many other ways as well.

Voodoo and Santeria

How did Hollywood change the concept of voodoo?

Hollywood changed the concept of Voodoo--or, rather inventing their own concept--simply by making a mockery of a legitimate religion from West Africa brought over to the Caribbean by slaves. They de-religionized Voodoo and created a dangerous entity by using, for instance, the walking dead to kill non-believers. Voodoo is still viewed as being a weird belief, because Hollywood makes money off such nonsense. == == I am a Christian and believe the Bible's answers to such questions as you pose.

If you care to know what the Bible teaches about sorcery/dark arts, there are sermons by Ivor Myers on this link: http://www.audioverse.org/search/?query=ivor+myers

They are different topics starting from March 5 2007 upward. Hollywood is also eventually explained in this context in one of these topics.

I am listening to them again, and will send you exactly which date. But all the topics are unbelievably intriguing and deal with the sinister that God asks His followers not to involve themselves with.

Voodoo and Santeria
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What centery did voodoo start?

You will get different answers on this but what I know is that voodoo originated from Africa which was taken as a religion which is known as a way of worshiping spirits and animals. It was practiced in many parts of Africa and recorded way back to 6,000 years.

Voodoo and Santeria

How do you cure a voodoo spell put on a person?

Actually, there are several methods for this; Disbelief in cursing/curses is one, but not very efficient, as I have charmed, cursed and spelled plenty of people who were disbelievers with direct results. One thing I recommend for you and your friend or anyone else you care about is getting a piece of "good" Gris-Gris. This is a Voudon charm or amulet with certain imbued powers, depending on the type you get. the simplest one I use (there are simpler ones but not as powerful) is a solid sterling silver dime. (Think: Mercury Dime, or Roosevelt Sterling dime) Drill a hole in the dime and put it on a sturdy string or piece of hemp string. Be sure the string is knotted between 3 and 9 times (ONLY ODD NUMBERS OF KNOTS, NO Evens!!) and it is to be worn on the left ankle. *****THIS MUST BE GIVEN AS A GIFT TO WORK, IF YOU NEED ONE, GIFT SOMEONE WITH ONE AND HAVE THEM MAKE YOU ONE IN RETURN*** If your friend is under a curse or enchantment, there are Voodoo dolls for protection that can be made, stuffed with Five-finger Grass (wards off all the evil 5 fingers can bring) if the caster is missing a finger, then IDK, LOL. (Sorry, a little Voodoo humor there. You can do a cleansing by "smudging" (Look up Native American/Cherokee/Navajo smudging) the persons body (personal space) with burning sage and also their vehicle, office and home (or anywhere they spend a lot of time). Ritual cleansing baths of all kinds work; you can find plenty of those on the net; and my personal favorite, which is kind of a cure-all is to reflect the curse back to it's caster. First, wait until the waxing or full moon (but if you/they feel you're in dire danger, do NOT wait, just do it!) You will need: A Mirror (not a compact mirror), a white candle, a black candle, a candle snuffer or cup for putting out candles by denying them air, and matches. The white candle doesn't play a role in curse removal, it is there to protect and prevent anything negative from using the mirror gateway to latch onto you. Start late in the evening, it really does not take more than 40-50 minutes. The timing is important, you will be doing the actual ritual itself both prior to, and after, midnight. This serves to reflect the curse back as one day ends and another begins. (Have all your preparations set up by 11:30 p.m at the very latest. Light the white candle with a match and set aside, prop up the mirror against something while sitting in Lotus Position (Indian style) on the floor making sure the cursed one can see their own reflection, then light the black candle with a match and set it to where it is reflected, too. Be absolutely, POSITIVELY 100% sure no one else is accidentally reflected in the mirror because the curse can then latch onto them. (Unless it's a cat, they are sacred and immune as a sort of go- between of the worlds). This ritual is simple and can be done alone.) So, reflected in the mirror you want to see: Your own face and the black candle and it's flame. At 11:44 p.m. in your time zone begin chanting "Black, black send this curse back" in triads (three times in a row) with no pause, then after the 3rd time you say the chant, pause and visualize the curse flowing out of you and through the mirror's gateway, back onto the caster. repeat the chant 3 times again, then repeat the visualization. Do this for 33 minutes. (From 11:44 p.m. to 12:16 a.m.) When the time is up, you should feel better immediately, but may not notice a mental/spiritual or physical difference. This is okay. You did your part, unless a true Houngan or Mambo cursed you, it will have worked, and they aren't going to bother going around cursing for no reason. Just snuff the black candle out with a candle snuffer (NOTE: Do NOT EVER blow out a candle unless specifically called for) if you don't have a candle snuffer, use a glass or metal cup but DON'T TOUCH THE WICK!! (Not because it was hot, but because it helped to carry the curse back) Wrap the mirror and the BLACK candle carefully in black cloth and put away until needed again & leave the white candle to burn itself out (I recommend using a small pillar or votive that burns until dawn, which is the natural the end of Things of the Night, such as evils, demons etc. but if you're worried about sleeping with a candle lit, then use a tea-light in a secure container or holder, as they only burn for 4 hours. Burning a white candle while you sleep is another way to protect yourself as a sort of 'armor', it can be unsafe due to fire hazards, but if you feel you have a secure enough area that it would not/could not burn anything, this is a way to protect yourself all the time, by burning one from dusk until dawn every night. *Keep a smoke detector with fresh batteries at all times!* Best of luck!

Voodoo and Santeria

How do you join in antichrist?

You have to be an antichrist yourself.

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Voodoo and Santeria

What is a zombie?

A zombie is known as a undead creature, something that was dead but came back to life, in some movies, literature, or games, the zombies are in existence because of some virus. In which case the people infected arephysically dead, however, in some cases people who have died have come back to life. In the movie Night of the Living Dead, people who have already died, been buried, etc. came back to life. However, in some other zombie games, those who are already dead when the outbreak occurs, do not become infected.

Although in the Resident Evil series, the zombies are decomposing as a result of the virus, it is unexplained why the brain tissue, or the muscle tissue haven't decomposed as well. Some people have mixed views of what zombies look like, some see zombies as undead bloody things with missing arms and such, however a zombie does not need to have missing ligaments to be a zombie, a person can be simply bitten. One thing is true in every zombie fiction, if you're bitten, you become one.

Also.. Zombies are people who have been given a mixture of drugs that slows the heartbeat down so much, it becomes undetectable, and paralyses their muscles. They are buried by their families, and then dug up secretly by the maker of the concoction. They have to continually be given the drugs, or they will wake up from their stupor. Often they're are sent to work manual labour on big, isolated farms.

Voodoo and Santeria

Has anyone had any experiences with a root doctor or a voodoo priest?

===new answer=== yes. I was taught by a voodoo priest at an early age. The previous answer is correct, in that it is a religion that originated in Africa. It is a watered down version of Egyptian religion. The names that are used are the names of fallen angels, and it is a form of angel worship, and/or attempting to use angels to do ones' bidding. It is very dangerous to call those names and even more dangerous to attempt to perform the rituals that are associated with them. Remember cause and effect. What goes around comes around. Attempting to use a spell against someone with a calling can submit you to some terrible happenings in your own life. And that includes the love spells. Demons (fallen angels) are difficult, if at all possible, to control. Do yourself a favor and don't ever attempt any of that. Voodoo is a religion, and Hoodoo Rootwork is a magical tradition, they both originated in Africa.

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Voodoo and Santeria

What is the holy book for voodooism called?

a popular term for what might be called Occult (Bibles) more accurately tech manuals like those say, on Jeeps, to give a peaceable example, are called Grimoires. This is pronounced Grim-Mawrs- the Mawr sound something like the old Nuclear test signal- MAwr!0 Or the way the word is pronounced in Bryn Mawr, the home town of actress Jayne Mansfield, and I spoke of a bomb test signal! oh boy. Well Grimoires is the popular term. They are sold in most occult book shops.

Voodoo and Santeria

Is Voodoo real?

Voodoo/Voudo/Voodu is very real and is practiced by thousands of people the world over.

It originated in Africa, and with the diaspora of black slaves throughout the Americas, it's strongest concentrations can be found in Louisiana (US), Cuba, Haiti, and Brazil.

It is a faith as real as any other.

Answer2: The demons trick people in many ways. When people contact the demons they do it either directly or through someone else, such as a witch doctor or a psychic. Contact with the demons is called demonism or spiritism. But the Bible commands us to stay far away from anything that has to do with the demons. (Galatians 5:19-21) Why? Just as a hunter uses a trap to catch animals, the demons use tricks to trap and control people.

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Voodoo and Santeria

Is jashinism real?

Don't believe those ignorant nay sayers. A true religion is what it is perceived to be. If you believe in something and truely believe in it, deriving great values and personal goals then it can be true.

(above is other user)

(You probably watch Naruto- but Hidan is -other than the Jashinist sign- not truly a Jashinist)

if you want more information- mistdemonjinchuuriki@yahoo.com is a way to reach me :)

Voodoo and Santeria

You lost your voodoo doll what does that mean?

It could mean that the spirits that be did not want you using the doll at that time. It could also mean you have tricky house spirits playing jokes on you.. such things happen to me frequently.

After you have done a good bit of searching for the doll, if you still cannot find it, say aloud "Please, give it back!". After doing this I will usually found the missing item sitting in a rather obvious place.

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Voodoo and Santeria
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Is Voodoo a philosophy or religion?

voodooYes it is a type of religion being practised in some African countries, and it does work... They're all in bed togetherBy that, I mean that voodo, though it is a religion, is in the same metaphorical "bed" as wicca, devil worship, as well as ouija boards, and the like.

It may "work", but you don't want it to work. Voodoo is connected with zombies, who actually do exist, through demon possession/ drugs, and anything connected to devil worship or voodoo can turn on you in a second. And TRUST ME, YOU DO NOT WANT THAT! There are literally thousands of stories of what happnened to people who accidentally took it too far. Satan has no loyalties, but to himself, and he, as well as his demonic minions, will toss you up against a wall, cut you, cause you to bleed internally, as well as torment you in every way imaginable, without any hesitation at all.

God created an angel called Lucifer, and Lucifer corrupted himself, and now he is called Satan. God did not create evil, but he allows it to roam the earth to cause us to trust Him, for He can and will protect those who trust in Him, for even Satan is no match for the Almighty. All Christians have the Holy Spirit within them, and as such, they cannot be possessed by demons or even Satan himself, as "Greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world". God cast demons out of people through His Son, and He certainly has the power to keep them out, despite the wiles of the devil. The souls of the believers are within the grasp of the Father, and no man,nor devil can pluck them out. Truly trust Him, and you will have peace in the midst of confusion.


Voodoo Has Nothing To Do With....wicca, devil worshiping or ouija boards. Voodoo is an old spiritual religion that has its roots in Ancient Egypt (Kemet). It is real as any other religion. White people have mis-understood Voodoo and labled it as devil worshiping. The word Voodoo or Vudu comes from the Fon language and it means The Devine One or The Creator. People that practice true Voodoo are "God fearing people" or as they say "Voodoo daha."
Voodoo and Santeria

What is the name of someone who practices voodoo?


Voodoo and Santeria

What are some really good Break Up Spells to break up other couples?

if you really want to break up some people's life ,always think twice

when you really are into the aim of breaking up some people you have to use terms like ' cheating, trust issue or tell lies or bring up old fights as that's their main weakness

also talking about issues with ex girl friends or ex boyfriends

and also use terms such as faith and future big as that brings confusions in trust

Voodoo and Santeria

What is helping hand in santeria?

There is something called the MandaGloire- an approximation of Hand of Glory in the Santeria spiritual mix. There are ( for lack of a better word) statues of a disembodied Human hand sticking out of the ground all five fingers intact. This might have been a misinterpretation of some botanical life- like the cruciform Four Leaf Clover to give a benign example. it is really Weird- let us use the older spelling WYRD as Chaucer did. I have no idea how it is used in the religious practices of Santeria- Clearly, it is not Christian. The word Mandagloire is closer to French than Spanish, by the way. In French proper it would be MainDaGloire. ( Gloire- Gloria if you will, was a French Battleship, first armor-plated one!)

Voodoo and Santeria

What voodoo practice uses dead birds and bones?


Voodoo and Santeria

Santeria is it satanic?

No, not at all. The word 'Santaria' can be roughly translated into 'The way of the Saints'.

Voodoo and Santeria

Does Nigerians practice voodoo?

No just about all Nigerians don't practice voodoo should no because I'm Nigerian and only a small percentage in west Africa practice it. But about 9 million people in Haiti practice voodoo.

Voodoo and Santeria

Where can you get saan ha voodoo dolls?

There are a few companies that export Saan Ha String Voodoo dolls from Thailand.

If you were keen, you could always go to Northern Thailand where the dolls are made by tribes people. You would need to find a representative in Thailand to get the dolls from the source as there is a language barrier.

Charm Voodoo is out of Canada and the website is below

VD Baby is out of the United States as well as a few other companies.

Voodoo and Santeria

Does Santeria require you to drink blood?

There are practices in Santeria that involve the drinking of blood; I do not know if all believers in Santeria are required to do so.

Voodoo and Santeria

Does Voodoo really work?

If you have faith in it, of course it does.


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