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Thorium-234 is not changed in uranium-234.
- Th-234 is a decay product of U-238
- By beta decay Th-234 is transformed in Pa-234

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Q: How is thorium 234 changed into uranium 234?
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What is thorium-234?

Thorium 234 is an artificial isotope of uranium (half life 24,1 days).

What type of radioactive decay result in uranium -238 becoming thorium 234.?

Uranium 238 emits an alpha particle to become Thorium 234.

When the nucleus of an atom of uranium-238 emits an alpha particle its mass number will be changed to?

Uranium 238........alpha particle........Thorium 234

What what happen to uranium as it undergo alpha decay?

1. Uranium 238 is transformed in thorium 234 by alpha decay. 2. Uranium 235 is transformed in thorium 231 by alpha decay. 3. Uranium 234 is transformed in thorium 230 by alpha decay.

What is the decay product of uranium-238?

The decay product of uranium-238 is thorium-234.

What does uranium-238 decay into?

Uranium-238 emits an alpha particle and becomes thorium-234.

What is uranium 238 thorium 234 plus helium 4?

This is the equation for the radioactive decay of uranium-238:U-238-------------------Th-234 + He

What is the beta decay of uranium - 238?

The isotope thorium-234 is obtained first.

What is the first decay product of uranium upon alpha decay?

It is thorium 234.

Uranium -238 undergoes alpha decay Therefore uranium -238 will?

Uranium 238 is transformed in thorium 234 by alpha decay.

Why mass of uranium destroys when it breaks into platinum and then into thorium?

- After alpha disintegration the isotope uranium-238 is transformed in the isotope thorium-234. - After alpha disintegration the isotope uranium-235 is transformed in the isotope thorium-230. Platinum is a misspelling ?

Why does uranium-238 decays into thorium-234?

All radioactive isotopes decay because they are unstable; uranium-238 decay to thorium-234 by beta (-) decay. The half life of 238U is very great: 4,468.109 years.

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