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If it's after ovulation than your chances are rather lower than higher. The pulling-out method is not effective in preventing pregnancy because you can get pregnant from pre-cum which is the fluid that contains thousands of sperm that the man releases before actual ejaculation, therefore by the time he ejaculates and pull-out he won't be aware of when he releases the pre-cum. And even though he ejaculates out, sperm are fast swimmers there's millions of them some of them might already went there before he puuls out. .

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Can a woman get pregnant near to her period?

That isn't likely to happen, unless she ovulates late in her cycles. Getting pregnant depends on when a woman ovulates, not when she has her period. Most women ovulate about 14 days after their last period.

How likely is it that a woman would be pregnant after a man pulls out?

only a 1% chance

Can a woman get pregnant while she ovulates?

Yes - that is the time she is fertile.

If a woman ovulates and has intercourse what are her chances of getting pregnant?


When can you get Pregnancy?

A woman can get pregnant at any time. She can even get pregnant on her period. It all depends on when she ovulates.

When does a woman most likely to get pregnant after her period?

A woman is most likely to get pregnant when she ovulates after her period. This is generally about 14 days for most women, though not all. A few days before or after though can also be a prime time due to the longevity of sperm or the change in a females cycle.

Can a woman gets pregnant 15 days after the end date of her menstruation?

Yes, but it depends on when she ovulates.

What days of the month will a woman have a chance to get pregnant?

The five days prior to and 12 hours after she ovulates.

Is it possible for your girlfriend to have gotten pregnant the day before her period if her period lasts six days and she ovulates the day after her period?

No. A woman that ovulates is not pregnant until she has sex and the ovum is fertilzed and implanted.besides you cant get pregnant the day before the period.

When will i get pregnant?

When you have sex without birth control pills. && yuu cnt have your tubes tied!:)There is not way to predict when you will get pregnant. A woman gets pregnant when she ovulates.

When can women become pregnant?

When they wanna have a baby. duuhh! They get pregnant when its called sex... dont you know that?A woman gets pregnant when she ovulates. If her cycle is 28 days, ovulation is USUALLY around day 12-17 (The first day of bleeding is day 1) Ovulation lasts about 3 days. Ovulation predictor kits are available in drug stores and can tell her when she ovulates. a woman can get pregnant anytime she has unprotected sexa woman can get pregnant anytime she has unprotected sex

What is ovulation and how do you try and avoid pregnancy?

Ovulation is when an egg is released and attaches to the wall of the vagina. (When it is ferilized, this is how someone becomes pregnant.) Every woman ovulates at a different time of the month. You can get pregnant whether you're ovulating or not, but it's way more likely if you are.

Could a woman be pregnant if she has a watery discharge coming from the vagina and she hasn't had a period?

I would say the discharge is from ovulating. A clear discharge is common when a woman ovulates.

Can a seventeen year old get pregnant a day before her period?

NO. Only after her period during ovulation. It doesn't matter how old you are. A woman can get pregnant no matter the age. If she has a period and she ovulates then she can get pregnant.

Can you become pregnant the day your period ends or the day after your period ends?

Certainly. Although most women do not become pregnant while on their period, it is not unheard of. When a woman becomes pregnant is strictly dependent upon when she ovulates. For most women, but not all, she ovulates around 14 days before her expected period.

Can a woman became pregnant at any time of the month explain?

No, only when she ovulates. The sperm will not have a egg to meet in the fallopian tube until then.

Can you get pregnant from intercourse three days before your period?

You can get pregnant from sexual intercourse anywhere in your menstrual cycle, although the probability would be higher if a woman were on her 14th day, where she ovulates.

When a women ovulates how many eggs release?

When a woman ovulates, usually just one egg is released.

Can a woman get pregnant before she begins ovulating and is there less of a chance?

The only time a woman can get pregnant is when she ovulates. The egg can be fertilised for about 36 hours. However sperm has been known to live in the vaginal tract/womb/fallopian tubes for up to 5 days, so while a woman can only get pregnant when she ovulates ie when an egg is available for the sperm to fertilise, the length of time that sperm can live for must also be considered when timing intercourse.

Can a women in her 40's still get pregnant?

Yes. A woman can get pregnant until she hits menopause, which is the point at which she no longer ovulates, and thus can no longer get pregnant. Most women begin menopause in their 50's.

An average woman ovulates for about 30 years how many eggs will she release in that time?

an average woman ovulates for about 30 years how many eggs will she release in that time

Can you get pregaunt and be on your period?

No, once your period begins you are no longer ovulating. A woman ovulates before menstraion, this the only time of the month that a female can become pregnant

Do you need to have your period to get pregnant?

Well ovulation is more important when become pregnant than the period but in order to ovulate you must have your period. Generally you get your period between ages 9-14. A woman is most likely to become pregnant when she is ovulation (when her ovaries release an egg). Once the egg is released, sperm from the male, fertilizes it and it grows into a baby. But you do not have to be on your period to become pregnant. A woman generally ovulates about 14 days after her menstrual period.

What are ovulation calendars used for?

Ovulation calendars are used to determine when a woman ovulates and will be the most fertile. A woman would typically keep track of her menstruation cycles to determine the best time to get pregnant.

What does pullout mean?

The pullout method is when the man pulls out of the woman before he ejaculates. However, it is not a reliable method of contraception because he can release pre-ejaculate before he pulls out and the woman can still get pregnant from that