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Not very likely. If you are getting negative tests and think you are pregnant go to the doctor for a blood test/ultrasound scan.

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Q: How likely is it to get 3 negative hcg tests 5 weeks 7 weeks and even 9 weeks later negative after LMP?
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Can you be pregnant if a guy stuck his penis in you for a second and three weeks later took two pregnancy tests and both came back negative?

Pregnancy is highly unlikey, but home tests are never 100% reliable.

I have had two positive pregnancy tests then I did one today and it was negative?

After 8 weeks without a period, you are likely to be pregnant; at that time make an appointment to visit your doctor.

What levels of HCG can home pregnancy tests detect?

At two weeks pregnant when my hcg was 30 all of the home pregnancy tests came up negative, a week later when my hcg was 1598 there appeared a very faint line.

Is it possible get a negative pregnancy test but be 2 weeks pregnant?

Pregnancy tests, especially early-stage home tests, are never 100% reliable.

What if i had a miscarriage then a scan when i would have been 6 weeks there was nothing there at all preg tests are negative but still 6 wks later feeling preg and putting on lots of weight?

Take another test

If you've 2 negative blood tests and all home tests are negative on birth control and have periods monthly why would 2 of the home tests be negative 1st and faintly positive 3 hours later at 12 weeks?

If pregnancy tests are left for a while, they can look as if they have produced a positive result. Most tests have a time window in which to read the test for this reason. It might say to read the test within ten minutes of doing it or similar. Always take notice of the time given, and only trusts results within that time frame. At twelve weeks, it would be most unusual to only be showing a faint positive. Blood tests are always quite reliable - more so than the home tests - so if they repeatedly give a negative result, then you can be fairly certain that you are not pregnant.

How far along before a at home pregnancy tests shows positive?

a couple of weeks most likely!! with my first i was 2 & a half weeks, & my second i was 8 weeks.

Could you be 6 weeks pregnant and get a negative test?

Yes, you could. Pregnancy tests are never 100 % accurate

You Had a miscarriage at 5 weeks then bleeding stopped and then two weeks later started again?

most likely you had a miscairriage, then two weeks later had your period. You may want to talk to a doctor though.

Could you be pregnant if your 3 weeks late and you have a lot of the pregnancy symptoms but the pregnancy tests come out negative?

Yes, you could. You'd be surprised how many home tests come out negative. My suggestion, go see your Dr. for confirmation.

Can you still be pregnant on the IUD and have negative tests?

The IUD does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. If you have had negative pregnancy tests, the odds are very good you're not pregnant. If you doubt the result, wait for one or two weeks before retesting.

Got tubes tied and urine tests positive blood test negative what do you think?

Stop taking more urine tests. Repeat the blood test in two weeks.

Can you be 12 weeks pregnant with negative test?

Yes, pregnancy tests aren't always one hundred percent accurate.

If you had the lightest and shortest period you have ever had which was a few days later than usual and HPT's even 2 weeks later show a negative result could this have been implantation bleeding?

Not likely. Periods can very in length and amount and not mean pregnancy.

You took several pregnancy tests that were positive and then later turned negative are you pregnant?

no probably not. What probably happened was a very early miscarriage. The pregnancy test stays positive for two weeks after a miscarriage. sorry,honey joymaker rn

You might be 3 weeks pregnant but I'm not sure you took 2 pregnancy tests and they tested negative you also don't have any symptoms of pregnancy but are gassy in the evenings could you be pregnant?

Two negative tests would indicate that you probably are not.

What if your period is three weeks late but you have taken three pregnancy tests and all are negative is there any other reason?

If you are 3 weeks late and took 3 test and they are negative then it could be caused from stress. I have that problem some times!

Are you pregnant if you have taken 3 pregnancy tests and two were negative and one positive and have missed your period by two weeks?

Take tests at a doctors and don't trust the home pregnancy ones.

Can you get negative blood test negative home pregnancy tests without period and still be pregnant?

It's possible. Depends on whether or not you took the tests too soon. You should wait a couple of weeks past your missed period before testing.

Is it possible to be 5 weeks pregnant and test negative on several pregnancy tests?

yes it is very possible for this to occur wait another weeks and try agian. I am pregnant with #4 and at 5 weeks mine was neg and at 6 weeks it was pos.

Is it normal to be 6 weeks pregnant and take 5 home tests and they all be negative but still be pregnant?

if you have been confirmed as pregnant by the doctor - it is still possible in these early stages of pregnancy for tests to come back negative, i would check with the doctor to be sure.

You have taken two negative pregnancy tests and your period started but was 2 weeks late but could you still be pregnant?

With two negative pregnancy test and a period that'd be extremely unlikely.

Could you be eighteen weeks pregnant still having periods but the last one was a week late and testing negative on urine tests and feeling what feels like a baby move?

If you teted negative on Urine tests and Yo uare Still having your period, then you are NOT pregnant.

What trimester do pregnancy tests start to show up negative?

None, they should stay positive till a few weeks or months after you deliver.

Could you be pregnant if you are two weeks late on your period and are testing negative on a pregnancy test?

Yes. Home administered pregnancy tests can be administered wrong and lead to a false negative result.