How long after a miscarriage should you wait to have intercourse?


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2015-07-15 18:57:17
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I don't think there is any time limit, just when you feel "healed" and emotionally ready. Doctors say to wait 3 months before trying to conceive again, though.

If you had a D&C you need to wait 2 weeks. Actually, you need to wait 2 weeks before ANYTHING can go "Up There". No Tampons, Douche, etc.

You need to wait at least two weeks after a miscarriage, whether it was naturally or not. When you miscarry, your cervix dialates slightly to allow passage of the tissue, and in order to avoid the risk of possible infections, you need to refrain from intercourse as well as douches, tampons, etc. until your cervix has closed again.


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You should wait a couple of weeks for the healing but you can always get pregnant both before the 2 weeks and after so use protection.

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The doctor told me that you should wait two hours before having intercourse.

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you should wait until after your normal period resumes. in other words, one - two months

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There's a higher risk for infection afterwards due to the fact that the cervix is still open. You should wait 3-4 weeks.

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You have been misinformed. There is no need to wait 90 days for intercourse after the IUD is removed.

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