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How long after foreclosure do you have to vacate in Pennsylvania?

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You will have at least 4 to 6 weeks. The bank will tell you when to vacate. Sometimes the banks are slow and you have months or even years.

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How long do you have to vacate your home after foreclosure in Arizona?

30 days

How long after foreclosure sale of a home to trustee do you have to vacate premises in California?

You usually have 30 days to vacate but the trustee should tell you exactly how long you have. Each situation is different.

You rent an apartment and it just went into foreclosure how long do you need to vacate the apartment?

2 months

How long do you have to vacate your home after foreclosure in Georgia?

After being serviced forclosure papers how many days are you given

How long after your court date for foreclosure in Michigan do you have before you have to vacate your home?

6 months from the sheriff's sale date.

How long does a tenant have to vacate foreclosed property from the landlord in Arkansas?

Under the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, tenants generally have at least 90 days to vacate after foreclosure. In most cases, tenants with longer-term leases may stay until the end of the lease.

What does motion to vacate foreclosure sale mean?

Motion to vacate sale means cancelling the order that confirms the sale of the foreclosed property. The word "vacate" means cancel in this case.

How long does a co-op owner in NJ have to vacate after foreclosure?

There is no standard. The co-op board can be useful as a place to go for the answer you need.

How long after foreclosure do you have to vacate your home in California?

Generally, if you are the owner you should be prepared before the foreclosure sale. You will be given notice of the time and date of the foreclosure sale. When the foreclosure sale takes place and the property is sold you will no longer have the right to enter the premises. You should remove your personal belongings before the sale.

How long legally do you have to vacate after your house is foreclosed in Arizona?

Each situation is different and laid out in the foreclosure papers. It is normal to have at least 30 to 60 days.

Can you still stay in a foreclosed home?

Foreclosure doesn't happen immediately. Once you receive notice of foreclosure you will normally have a timeframe when you must vacate the property. If you do not vacate, then the bank/company/person who is seizing the property can have the authorites force you off the property- with or without your belongings.

Who is responsible for a property still in the foreclosure process once you vacate the premises?

You are responsible for the property during the foreclosure process up until the property is sold or auctioned.

After a foreclosure how long does it take to evict in Florida?

Usually there will not be a separate eviction filed after a foreclosure. Typically, the plaintiff will request that the clerk issue a writ of possession as a part of the foreclosure. The judge may direct the clerk to issue the writ of possession as a part of the foreclosure judgment or the Plaintiff may request it afterwards. Once the writ of possession has been issued, it must be delivered to the sheriff. The sheriff will post the writ on the property and you have 24 hours to vacate. In short, not very long.

Is surviving spouse liable for foreclosure in Pennsylvania after death of spouse?

If the loan was in both of your names, yes. That is your foreclosure also.

If my house goes into foreclosure will they put up a foreclosure sign?

They will wait until they have you out of their property, then it is just a "for sale" sign. I guess this rule don't vary from state to state and they put the sign when you vacate the property.

How long do you keep old foreclosure papers?

how long do you keep foreclosure papers

How do you know that foreclosure is done?

Usually you will either receive a notice vacate the premises, or the Sheriff will show up at your door to evict you. Sometimes, both.

What are the forclosure laws in pennsylvania?

In Pennsylvania, the lender must send a notice of intent to foreclose to the borrower before any foreclosure.

You owned a home could not pay property taxes a bank purchased the home how long before you have to vacate the property?

I owned a home. I could not pay the property taxes. A bank purchased the home. I never received an eviction notice. How much time do I have before I must vacate? I live in Pennsylvania?

Where can I find a list of foreclosure homes in Pennsylvania?

There are several free websites where you can search foreclosure listings by state. Some of these include,, and

What happens to you in foreclosure of your condominium?

When your condominium is foreclosed upon, the lender assumes ownership of the unit. You may be able to work with the lender to finalize a date by which you will vacate the property; it's unreasonable that you should be allowed to maintain a household in the unit if you do not own it.

If a rental property goes into foreclosure how long does the tenet have to vacate said property?

When a property goes into foreclosure, the lender will eventually take possession of the property. The lender can lock the property at that time with your possessions at that time. The time frame depends on the discussions between the lender and the borrower. Unfortunately the Tenant does not fall into the discussions, so if the lender feels there is no hope of being paid they will take possession.

How long can you live in your house once foreclosure has started in Memphis tn?

in new york how long can you live in your house once foreclosure starts

When in strict foreclosure in Ct how long before you have to get out of home?

I will be a hearing on Tuesday, 10/23 for a Strict Foreclosure. Once granted, how long will I have to get out of the home?

How long do you have to demand the return of personal items in your house after a foreclosure?

You should check the foreclosure laws in your area.