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Any deed should be recorded in the land records immediately. See related question link.


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You should discuss your case with an attorney. The information at the website provided below provides some information about transfers in contemplation of bankruptcy. You should proceed very carefully.

The best policy, is to file a claim, immediately after the injury occurs.

You have 10 days to file a claim with your insurance company.

You will have to check your home owner's policy. It is a contract that you have with the insurance company and will specify how long you have to file a claim.

In Miami Dade it takes a couple of hours of your day to file and about a week to record it on public records. Depends on the County you are filing. Visit if you are filing in Miami Dade.

You will have up to 30 days to file a legal claim when you get hurt on the job.

As long as the deed is valid, you cannot void a quitclaim deed. You would have transferred your interest to the grantee and you no longer own the property. You would need a deed from the grantee to restore your ownership.

You can file a claim up to a year after your accident. It is best to do it right away and not wait as this can weaken your claim and cause other issues.

As soon as a deed is recorded in the land records it gives notice to the world that you are the owner of the property.

As of 2002/2003 10 years, but there are conditions and when you file (at the land registry) the title deed holders will be informed and can challenge your claim.

How long it will take before you get your money after you file a claim depends on the type of claim you are filing. It could take a few days to a few months before you actually see any money.

A quit claim deed is final as soon as it is signed by the grantor and handed over to the grantee. In order to preserve their interest in the property and notify the world that the property has a new owner the deed should be recorded in the land records immediately.

As long as the deed is valid, no other deed for the property has been recorded and the parties are living then the deed can be recorded. If there have been any other deeds recorded or any of the parties have died you should seek the advice of an attorney before recording the deed.

Your policy requires that you, ''promptly report all accidents'' failing to do so could result in the claim being denied, file it immediately.

A quitclaim deed transfers ownership of property as soon as it is signed and delivered to the new owner. The deed should be recorded in the land records immediately.

Yes as long as the property was not purchased by a family member.

You have 30 days to file a claim. You must have a police report of what missing and the date it happen or when you noticed something

You should file your car insurance claim with Geico within 24 hours. You should always call your insurance company as soon as you possibly can.

One would think that a claim should be filed as soon as possible - why someone would deliberately wait for weeks and weeks to file the claim creates questions about the validity of such claims.

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