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That's determined by the probate laws of the state in which the person was a resident at the time of his or her death. The interested party can contact the office of the clerk of the probate court in the county where the person died to obtain the needed information.

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How long after the death of a loved on does the executor hate to settle the estate in the state of pa?

There is no time limit to settle an estate. In some cases a very large estate can take decades to resolve and there may be trusts involved as well.

How long after the death of a loved one does the executor have to settle the estate and get a loan to pay off the heirs?

The executor doesn't borrow money to pay off heirs. They get paid from the remaining estate, according to the provisions in the will, after the debts have been paid. If there is nothing left then the heirs get nothing. As to "how long", it depends on how complicated the situation is; an executor is expected to act in good faith with all reasonable and prudent speed, but the law does not require that the executor work miracles. If a substantial part of the estate is non-liquid assets, it could legitimately take longer for the estate to settle than if it were primarily cash.

Can someone move a grave marker that was put there by family of the loved one if he's in charge of the estate?

Perhaps. You need to review the Will to determine if authority over the burial was given to the executor of the estate. The executor must be appointed by the court in order to exercise any authority granted in the Will. If there was no will or if burial was not mentioned in the Will then you should consult with an attorney who specializes in probate in your jurisdiction.

What are some estate planning steps that can ease financial burdens following the death of a loved one?

Some estate planning steps that can ease financial burdens after the death of a loved one are making sure your will is current, and check bank accounts and investment statements to be sure their is a transfer on death designation. Also make sure you have life insurance.

Becoming executor of estate?

Being an executor of state is both an honor and a burden as it can be a big task. It is the job of finishing up a persons affairs and dividing up personal belongings after a loved one passes on. It also means making sure a persons debts and taxes are paid.

How Much is Enough with the Texas Estate Tax?

The Texas Estate and Inheritance tax is a common state revenue source people often encounter upon the death of a loved one. As part of a multi-decade long plan to adjust estate filings to match cuurent inflation rates, the State of Texas has determined that all inherited estates over $1,500,000 must be reported. This latest update, since 2004, applies to all inheritances regardless of final taxes owed. The inheritance form must be filed with the Texas Comptroller no later than 9 months after the date of death. The executor of the residence is responsible for filing.

You have a loved one who died and she named you beneficiary to her estate after her husband dies. Her estate was probated her husband remarried and died intestate. What are your rights?

Your situation is not clear. If your loved one provided her husband with a life estate with the remaining estate to go to you after his death then the remaining property belongs to you. However, it depends on such factors as how the property was held, the exact language in the will and whether the surviving husband was given any power of appointment. If your loved one's estate was probated you should contact the attorney who handled the estate and ask her/him to explain any rights you may have. If that's not possible you should consult with a private attorney who specializes in probate law who can review your situation and explain your position.

How do you address in memory over the death of a loved one?

Say what you loved about him or her then say what everyone loved about him or her

How do you do elderly estate planning?

You will need to get an estate lawyer. These lawyer specialize in estate and will planning. They will be able to help you out with setting up every you need to for you loved ones.

What does it mean when you have a dream with a famous person and with the death of a loved one?

it means that you had a dream with a famous person and the death of a loved one.

Do loved ones that have passed on know when their loved ones are near death?


What actors and actresses appeared in Loved to Death - 2007?

The cast of Loved to Death - 2007 includes: Nate Kemple as Bradley

What does it mean to find a grey feather after death?

The death of your loved one is ambiguois

What does it take to be an Estate Probate Lawyer?

Dealing with a deceased loved one's estate can be confusing, especially during a time when family members and friends are grieving. There are rules that must be followed and paperwork that must be filed in a timely manner, making even of the simplest of estates difficult for a layman to handle. Large, complex estates or situations where there are conflicts over the division of the estate require the expertise of a trained Estate Probate lawyer.What Is Part Of The Estate?Everything owned by the deceased person, or decedent, including property owned jointly with others and all monies owed to the decedent.What Does Probate Mean?Probate is the process by which the decedent's will is processed through the legal system. When the deceased person made their will, he or she named an executor for their estate. The executor receives a sum for the work he or she performs. It is the executor's responsibility to see that the will is probated in a timely manner, all paperwork is properly filed and the assets are distributed amongst the heirs as specified in the will. If the deceased person owed debts, those must be paid proportionally to the creditors. As probating an estate is an exacting and time-consuming process, most executors hire an Estate Probate lawyer.What Does An Estate Probate Lawyer Do?An Estate Probate lawyer sees that the necessary legal notices are placed in the newspaper to serve notice on all persons and entities having a claim on the estate. The lawyer deals with creditors as well as those owing money to the estate. The lawyer also handles tax issues, gets appraisals on property and assets and deals with the decedent's bank accounts. Working with the executor, the Estate Probate lawyer ensures that all debts are paid, all monies owed are collected and the estate is divided amongst the heirs according to the wishes of the deceased person.Does Every Estate Need An Estate Probate Lawyer?In short, yes. Unless the executor happens to have the legal knowledge to make sure that every requirement is followed to the letter of the law, it is best to hire an Estate Probate lawyer. Heirs to the estate may hire their own lawyers to represent their interests as well.Although the subject is not one that most people want to think about, let alone deal with, planning ahead for the dispersal of one's estate is the best way to ensure that your wishes are carried out with as little extra stress on your loved ones as possible.

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No not to death but he rode them in films, he loved horses.

Is there any significance to rabbits and death of a loved one?


Death of loved one coming back upset or sad.?

When you think of the death if a loved one and you become upset, just remember to think of all the good memories not the bad.

How many days to mourn death of a loved one in the Bible?

People mourn for 40 days for their loved ones.

Why a man suicide after death of her girlfriend but why he do not suicide after death of her wife?

Because after their wife's death they don't have to, they get a heart attack if they loved her.

What is the meaning of mourning?

To be sad and reflective about the death of a loved one.

How do Jews mourn the death of a loved one?

They sit Shiva

Can a funeral home keep the cost of a loved one from family members that are not the excutor?

thy can keep the information from anyone who did not pay for the funeral. If your not the executor nor the person who paid, then they can.

How did people react to Alexander bell's death?

They were horrified for he was loved deeply.

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