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If you don't pay for the car it has a lien on it, and can never be sold. You may not be able to get new tags for it if it is flagged.

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Q: How long before repo or finance company gives up and just writes it off?
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When a finance company stops receiving payments from a car owner, they will initially send out a default notice in order to state that the repayments have not been made. This will give you the opportunity to clear arrears and usually gives a time frame of 7 - 14 days to put things right. If payments are still not made, the finance company will then apply for a repossession order from the courts so they can send bailiffs to repossess the car. The time frame for this process usually varies depending on the finance company, some will act quicker than others. You can expect the bailiffs to arrive at your door within a month from the expiry date of the default notice. The car will often be sold at auction at a knockdown price and the finance company will then pursue you in order to recover the difference. It is always recommended to contact the finance company and not avoid them. They will often try to come to a resolution and repossessing the car is usually the last resort.

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Can finance company repossess car for no insurance?

Absolutely. The finance agreement that you sign when you purchase a vehicle states that you agree to carry full coverage on the vehicle and to list them as the leinholder. By them being listed as leinholder they get notified of any cancellations, late notices, and renewals on the policy. It also gives them some special rights such as a 20 day notice before cancellation instead of 10 days. You pay for the extra 10 days notice. The finance agreement also states the maximum deductible that you can have on the policy. Remember that the finance agreement is a legal contract. if you break any part of the legal contract they have the right to repossess the collateral (the vehicle). The agreement also states that you are responsible for a repossession fee in order to get the car back. There is probably storage fees involved as well.

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