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How long can a creditor come after you for an unpaid balance and what can they do?


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looks like 6 years. AFTER they get a judgement, they can garnishee your wages, ect. NO JAIL.


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Your unpaid medical bills will not be reported to credit bureaus until sent to a collection agency. As long as they remain with the provider, the unpaid balance is just that, an unpaid balance. However, some interest rates may apply, depending on the state that you are in, so that balance could change.

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Yes, once a debt collection agency buys your debt from the original creditor they are legally entitled to all of your debt. Therefore, they can take you to court for any unpaid debts, so long as it is the debt they bought from the original creditor and only that debt.

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There aren't any such SOL's on a court ordered fine and sentence.

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If by "statute of limitations" you mean how long will you be responsible for any unpaid balance, that would be seven years from the date of last payment. If in the likely event that the lender obtained a judgment against you for the unpaid balance, that time limit will increase to ten years from the date of last payment. If the lender is not able to recover the unpaid balance in that time, he may petition the court for a ten year extension.

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As long as they feel its worth it, i have come accross a collector from 6 years ago that i forgot about - they rarely forget. There are not time limits for when a creditor or collector can pursue debt collection procedures. In the U.S. all states have SOL's pertaining to how long a creditor has to file a lawsuit against the debtor to obtain a writ o judgment.

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