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im 17 years old...the answer is yes pending on if you have a permit if you have a licence and what state the answer is still yes though i dont advise it

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When your parent die are you entitled to money from the government?

You are not necessarily entitled to money from the government, but you are entitled to the amount of life insurance that you parent or parents are insured for.

Plural possessive of parent?

The plural form of the noun parent is parents.The plural possessive form is parents'.example: The parents' committee has been able to acquire the athletic equipment.

Can parents visit a classroom?

yes of course parents can come in the classroom .For example parent teacher conference.

Parents or parents'?

The noun parents is the plural form of the noun parent.The noun parents' is the plural possessive form of the noun parent.Example uses of the nouns:I'm making dinner for my parents. (plural)I'll be staying at my parents' house. (plural possessive, the house of my parents)

Can a sibling force another sibling to turn over life insurance to pay for their parents funeral?

No, unless they are an executor of the estate and the parent had been paying the insurance premiums before their death.. Any person can insure anyone, it only means that a policy will be paid on death of the person they have insured and is paid to the person who paid the premiums or to their estate.

Can you insure and register a car under your name even if the title is under a parents name if the parent on the title is not a driver?

Yes most insurance company never ask for the title. there are Insurance company's on the web that will insure you and the vehicle weather you own it or not.

Is parent a noun?

It is a noun. For example: The parents went to the reunion late. (plural noun)

Can a parent take out life insurance on their adult children?

Yes, an insured and a beneficiary have to have an insurable interest to be able to have a life insurance policy. Parents/children are considered to have insurable interest

What is plural of parents?

Parents is already plural. The singular is parent. One parent - two parents.

Are adoptive parents callef step parents?

No, step parents are parents who live with the other parent, married or not, and who is not your biological parent or foster parent. An adoptive parent is your full parent, just like a biological one. You will inherit them and carry their name.

What are the some example of nominative of address?

Respect and obey your parent,children,parents love to your children.

Is Hamni bank FDIC insured Is your parent company Mirae What are the assets of your bank.?

Hamni bank is FDIC insured. You can read more about them at

Do your parents allow you or Does your parents allow you?

Parents is plural, then"Do your parents allow you?" or "Your parentsallow you"If used in the singular form:"Does your parent allow you?" or "Your parent allowsyou"

What is the plural for parent?

The plural of parent is parents.

What is true of reproduction that involves two parents?

The child gets half each of the chromosomes of the parents. For example, in humans, 23 chromosomes from each parent.

What is the difference between parent and parents?

A parent could be a divorced mom or dad that is single and parents are a mom and a dad. so pretty much parents is plural for parent.

Can a child have O blood group if both parents have A and 3 grandparents A and 1 grand parent AB blood groups?

Yes, this is possible given the scenario. The child would have inherited both recessive alleles (OO) from its parents, meaning both parents were heterozygous for bloodtype A - AO. Each parent could have obtained this bloodtype with 3 grandparents type A and one type AB. Parent 1, for example, with two A type parents: both parents could have been AO or one could have been AA and the other AO. Parent 2, with an A type parent and an AB parent: the A type parent would be AO and the other, obviously, AB.

What personal details do you need to take out insurance on a parent?

To take out life insurance on a parent, you'll need to provide complete background and health information and the parent will have to know they are being insured.

Is the word Parent's a plural possessive?

No, the form parent's is the singular possessive form.example: I need a parent's signature on my permission slip.The plural form of the noun parent is parents.The plural possessive form is parents'.example: We're planning a party for my parents' anniversary.

What is the plural of parent?


Of a life ins co that would ins a child that was born with hyrocepulas he is eleven years old now and is doing very well?

c, usually, a child below 7 years of age is not insured bcoz children are suspectible to diseases and also increases the mortality rate. Also parents wont insure their child becauseno parent wud like to gain money on their child's death. As regards to ur question, the child wud hav to undergo medical tests and if the company deems fit, he wud b insured

Can anyone else but the insured change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy?

Only the POLICY OWNER can change the beneficiary on a life insurance policy. In most cases, the insured is also the policy owner, but it's not a general rule. The policy owner can be another person who is paying the premium (for example, a parent or guardian, spouse or other family member), or a bank, or a business. If the policy owner is not the same person as the insured, then the insured has no control over who the beneficiary is on the policy.

What is parents in French?

Parent is spelled the same in French: mes parents > my parents.

What words in English do not rhyme?

Parents parent does but parents doesnt

How do you say parent in french?

'un parent', pl. 'des parents'