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How long can a person be a long term substitute teacher?

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βˆ™ 2008-03-12 04:58:36

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In California, a substitute teacher holds a 30-Day Emergency Substitute Permit. So, a substitute teacher is not supposed to be in the same classroom for more than 30 days in one school year.

Some school districts try very hard to keep subs from going over the 30-day limit, partly to avoid cutting through the red tape, and partly to avoid having to pay the sub like a regular teacher. However, exceptions get made all the time, and it is not unheard of for a person with a sub permit to be in charge of a class for an entire school year due to an unfilled vacancy.

2008-03-12 04:58:36
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Q: How long can a person be a long term substitute teacher?
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I was a special ed teacher for 5 years and made about 35,000 a year. (with a BA) I am subbing this year. Subs get paid hourly and make 80.00 a day. They only work on days kids are there with no extra hours for in-services etc. Also, unless you are a long-term sub, you get no benefits. As a long term sub for an entire school year, you work full-time, but still make a bit less than the teacher normally would. But as a long-term sub for the year, you get benefits and work all days a teacher would.

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Substitute teacher pay is determined by each individual school system. They are paid by the day for the days they work. The amount of education, certification and experience helps to determine the daily pay in many areas. Certified teachers who sub are usually paid more than those who are not certified and can also accept temporary, long-term assignments.

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When looking for a career that offers good pay and both part time and full time work opportunities, Substitute Teaching is a great career option. Becoming a substitute teacher is a wonderful way for someone interested in becoming a regular teacher to see what the educational system is all about, and test out if teaching is really the career they want to pursue. It is also a great way for someone with no teaching experience to be able to enter a classroom and get exposure to a in-class setting. Some general responsibilities of a Substitute Teacher consist of: Implementing teacher lesson plans, assigning both in-class work as well as homework to the students, and maintaining order and control in the classroom. Substitute teachers try to promote learning in the classroom, despite the absence of the regular teacher. There are two basic types of substitute teachers. These are permanent or long-term substitutes, and day substitutes. A permanent substitute is needed when the regular teacher is out for a long period of time on extended leave. Day substitutes work as needed when teachers are out of the classroom for a few days due to sickness or vacation. Substitute Teachers are always needed in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. A person thinking of pursuing a career in this field will want to consider the age and level of advancement of the children they want to teach. The requirements for becoming a Substitute Teacher vary from State to State. However, in general, it has been noted that requirements to become a substitute teacher have been lowered, due to a lack of available substitute teachers. Many States simply require that an applicant possess a Bachelor's degree, and that they pass a certification test for Substitute Teachers. In some areas, only a High School Diploma or GED is required to serve as a Substitute Teacher. Starting pay for Substitute Teacher can be anywhere from $8-$30 dollars an hour. The average annual income of a Substitute Teacher is $39,000. In some rural areas, pay can be as low as $40 per day. In some urban areas, pay can be as high as $200 per day.

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