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Not long. Some old, fragile wines begin to deteriorate immediately upon opening. Although I haven't experienced it personally, I have been told (and I've read) that very old wines will actually noticeably fade within minutes of opening. In other words, the first glass may taste great, but that's it. But that is an extreme case. You're talking about everyday wines. It has been my experience that opened bottles of just about any red wine will deteriorate in a day or two if left out. Placing them in the fridge doesn't seem to help much. The deterioration in primarily due to oxidation, which colder temps don't do much to reduce. I have had some success, however, with those vacuum pumps closures. Wines seem to taste better the next day, and even the day after that, if I use the pump closures, which evacuate air from the bottle and reduce the oxidizing effect. White wines seem to do better than reds after opening, and jug wines, even reds, seem to hold up pretty well, also.

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What is the best temperature of milk?

Fresh milk should be stored refrigerated at between 2 - 5°C. Long life milk can be stored at room temperature until opened. Once opened, it should be refrigerated like fresh milk.

How long do olives stay fresh after they have been opened?

Stored in the frige up to 2 weeks.

How long can canned tuna fish be stored in hot weather?

Obviously canned tuna can be stored in hot weather because it is canned. If the canned tuna has been opened it needs to be stored out of the temperature danger zone. This zone is between 145 degrees and 45 degrees.

How long does honey last after it is opened and left at room temperature?

Honey is a shelf-stable product, opened or not. It will last indefinitely as long as the honey hasn't been contaminated.

How long can you keep cream of chicken soup once it has been opened?

A few days. stored in a seal plastic container.

How long can you keep hoisin sauce?

You can keep an opened bottle of Hoisin sauce for at least three months. It should be stored in the refrigerator once it has been opened.

How long can wine be kept in refrigerator?

Wine that has not been opened can be kept for many years in a refrigerator if stored on its side so as to keep the cork moist.

How long can you keep red wine that is not opened?

As long as is stored in a cool dark area it will keep indefinitely.

How long does milk stay good after opened?

That will depend on several things including the microbiological load when purchased, how cold it has been stored, how many temperature fluctuations it has experienced, and whether or not it has become contaminated (as in drinking out of the carton or pouring some back in). I have had opened pasteurized milk last 5 days beyond the sell by date.

How long does a bottle of opened cognac last?

If properly stored, it should last indefinitely.

How long does opened Zinfandel last?

Properly stored, Zinfandel should last for decades.

What is the shelf life of tacrolimus?

For capsules, it's 3 years from production, so long as the inner packet has not been open, and it has been stored at the correct temperature.

Does hair color expire if it has not been opened?

As long as the unopened hair color is stored in a cool, dark environment, it should last a fairly long time....maybe a few years or so.

What is the best way to store baby formula?

You can refrigerate formula for a couple of days before it spoils if it has been opened. The packaging should say how it should be stored and for how long.

Brandy how long you can keep?

Depending on temperature, location, and if it's been opened, brandy can keep anywhere from 5 years to a lifetime if unopened.

How long does a un opened bottle of port last?

It should last indefinitely if properly stored.

Can you refreeze rib roast after cooking it?

Yes, as long as it has been stored at the proper temperature before freezing, it can be safely frozen for several months.

When do kalamata olives go bad?

If stored properly, Kalamata olives can stay in the refrigerator for a couple of months. If they are in a jar that hasnâ??t been opened, they are fine for twice as long.

Does bourbon go bad after opened?

It shouldn't, as long as the bottle is closed again and not stored in extreme temperatures.

How long does long life milk last when opened?

Depending on the temperature of the fridge, however usually 14days.

How long will a chocolate chip cake last?

Packaged and sealed, it can last for a few months as a shelf life. Once it has been opened, it can last for 2 to 3 days, if stored properly.

How long do hot dogs stay good in freezer?

1 - 1.5 years as long as the bag hasn't been opened. If the bag has been opened, .5 years.

Can corn on the cob be stored at room temperature?

As long as it is still raw, yes.

How long past best buy date can you keep cream cheese?

That will depend how well it has been stored and whether or not the package has been opened. I have used unopened cream cheese 2 weeks beyond the package date.

How long does balogna stay fresh in the refrigerator?

If the new pack is not opened it can last for up to 2 weeks. If the pack is opened, it can last for about a week. That is if this is stored in an airtight container.