How long can you be anorexic before you die?

Answer It can take several years (depending on how bad the anorexia is.) Usually anorexic people die from organ failure (kidneys, liver, etc.) because they are not sustaining enough in their diet to provide what the body needs. Lack of protein also can cause lack of concentration and other problems with the workings of the brain. I know anorexia is a hard problem to get over. I never suffered from anorexia, but when I suffered severe panic attacks in the early 1970s my body went really strange and I found it difficult to eat. Food simply didn't appeal to me. I use to sit down in front of the TV to eat dinner (hoping the TV would take my mind off the lumps of food on my plate) but often I was lucky to eat a couple of mouthfulls. My husband was very supportive, but, the more he coaxed me the angrier I got and out of frustration I would burst into tears. Finally, I just decided to not worry about it and I took up my artwork again. Before I knew it I was slowly starting to eat better. I ate normal after that and when I went through menopause I gained another 40 lbs., which I had to shed. In fact, right now I've joined Weight Watchers to shed only 10 lbs. (which I really need to lose) but mainly to get back into proper eating habits. With the rushed lives we lead it's sometimes tough to eat well, but I know from experience that without proper food, lots of water and exercise we can just feel crummy. Anorexia is psychological and the person can be all bone, but when they look in the mirror they see themselves as over-weight. There is medical help out there for anyone that is anorexic and I would suggest doing so before the person is too ill to come back to normal and thus, death.