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You can be effaced and dialated for weeks with your first child.... Thanks for putting a downer on me lol joke thanks for answer much needed

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Q: How long can you be engaged or baby ready for before going into labor?
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How do you get labor going?

There is no way to get labor going until your body is naturally ready for it to happen. You can however choose to work your baby lower into your body by walking or doing labor exercises.

What would you say to a kid before going to hospital?

Be ready ! we are going to the hospital.

When your girlfriend is 55 and you are 62 and you are both ready for retirement how long do older couples usually date before they are engaged and how long before the wedding?

There are no rules for how long the two of you should date before becoming engaged, or be engaged before getting married. This is a very personal decision that can only be made by the couple.

How can you get your w2 forms online for labor ready?

how can iget my w2 online from labor ready in texas

What is the population of Labor Ready?

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What does your water broke mean?

When a woman is going into labor with her baby, her water breaks. That means that she's ready to give birth.

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Is labor ready open on presidents day?


Your cat is pregnant and keeps licking her belly and cleaning herself is she ready for labor?

Just because a cat keeps licking her belling and cleaning herself does not mean she is ready for labor. Your pregnant cat will probably wonder off and try to be alone when she is ready for labor.

If you are 3cm dialated how soon will labor come?

When your baby is ready. Dilation is no indicator of labor.

When can you legally induce labor in California?

When the doctor decides the baby is ready for labor or if your life is at risk.

Does working for labor ready affect your unemployment checks?


When is labor ready sending out their w2 forms?

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Im 36 weeks and 3 cm dialated but not effaced How can you get labor going?

Im 36wks and 3cm dialated but my cervix is not softened yet there is no sure way to get labor started your baby will come wgen it's good and ready!!

37 weeks and 5 days im fully thinned out and 1 centimeter dilated how soon will you go into labor?

It all depends on when the baby is ready. You can be thinned out and dilated for some time before labor truly begins.

Will labor start soon if I am 37 weeks 2cm dilated station 0 and having lots of irregular contractions or can I still have a couple weeks to go?

There is really no straight answer for that. Your baby is fully engaged, but that doesn't necessarily mean labor is imminent. It does mean that your body is getting ready though. Good luck!

Im 9 months pregnant how can I go into labor quick?

Nothing you do will make you go into labor until your body is ready to go into labor

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Will lactulose induce your labor?

Possibly if the cervix is also ready

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How do you know when your ready for engagement?

When the two of you love each other enough, and can financially care for each other and a possible child, then you are ready to be engaged.

Can you ask your doctor to induce labor at 39 weeks?

The doctor wont do that unless the cervix and body is ready. I know it's uncomfortable but if they do it when the body is not ready, the labor can be harder and longer and that is not something you want.