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Keep the Kid on your policy for nowI am an agent in Texas and I insure 50 year old babies on 70 year old momies policies. What we look for is place of residency. If they live together, or at least share the same mailing address, then we can insure them together.

One of the problems I get upset about with insurance companies is they will insure a 21 year old "kid" for $200 per month on momies policy(just for example). They graduate from college, get a job and move away from home then all of a sudden, this same kid must pay more for insurance because they are an independent household. That does not generally make the kid a more dangerious driver . . . they ought to get a reward for getting a job and moving out on their own.

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2011-09-13 00:25:09
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Q: How long can you insure your child on your auto insurance policy?
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Can a 25 year old child be on their parents auto insurance policy?

Certainly. You can insure any licensed driver you want as an operator of your vehicles.

Will your auto insurance cover your child?

If you add the child as a driver on the policy.

Can I get auto insurance with my spouse's license under suspension?

Yes, you can even insure her. It will need to be a non-standard auto policy.

Commercial Auto Insurance Is a Must for Businesses?

When you insure a vehicle that you use for business purposes, make sure that you insure it under an authentic commercial auto insurance policy. A personal auto insurance policy will not cover many business uses of an automobile, and if you make a commercial auto insurance related claim that is not covered on your personal policy it will be denied. Therefore, when you buy or lease a car for business use, contact a commercial auto insurance broker if your general business insurance broker or provider cannot assist you with your commercial auto insurance needs.

What insurance companies will insure a lifted truck in Wisconsin?

You would need an auto insurance policy with a modified vehicle endorsement added on.

Can I get a quote for Commercial Auto Insurance?

Progressive Insurance offers commercial auto insurance and they also will give you a free quote! If you insure more than one vehicle or have more than one policy you can get a multi policy discount.

How do you keep your njm auto insurance if they threaten to terminate your policy based on your child's driving record?

You have to remove your child from the policy and have them find their own.

What are some auto insurance companies in Florida?

Some cheap auto insurance companies in Florida are Swift Cover, Florida Insure, Insure and Go and Complete Insurance. Of these, Insure and Go are considered to be the cheapest but this will depend on your circumstances.

Can you get insurance on auto that is not in your name?

You can pay for insurance on an auto that is not yours...but the policy must be the titleholder's policy.

What auto insurance companies allow 17 year olds to get their own insurance?

Almost every auto insurance company requires your parents to sign your policy or for you to be listed under theirs. There are no known insurance companies who will insure a 17 year old by themselves.

Is a parent still responsible for an eighteen year old child living at home regarding auto insurance even if the child has their own auto policy?


Should you add a child to your auto insurance policy?

Not necessary- you only add/exclude drivers

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